Jon Spencer – Broadcast, Glasgow, UK (27 October 2018)

Jon Spencer show at Broadcast, Glasgow, UK with The Reverse Cowgirls on 27 October 2018.

nb. The band was later to become known as ‘Jon Spencer & The HITmakers’

The HITmakers:

Metal / Percussion: Bob Bert
Keys: Sam Coomes
Drums: M.Sord
Vocals / Guitar: Jon Spencer


Do The Trash Can
Just Wanna Die
Alien Humidity
Time 2 Be Bad
Beetle Boots
New Breed
Tough Times In Plastic Land
Shirt Jac
I Got The Hits
Loveless – Roadrunner

+ unknown encore

“This is a full force rock and roll show as it should be: sometimes politically-minded (Spencer alludes to the Pittsburgh shootings, reminding everyone to stick together before playing Tough Times), a bit chaotic, yet often surreal, sexy and teasing, with a flip of the bird to TV evangelism and gushing sports commentary in its delivery. It’s as caustic as it’s titillating: retro; yet completely of the moment.

Ghost feels as though the band ate each individual member of Black Sabbath and spat them out like a furball, Do The Trash Can has a hula hoop swivel and grind. Classic Pussy Galore track New Breed ripples like a python, and I start to feel punch drunk on the filthy riffs and Sord’s pulverising drumming.

There’s even a nod to Childish Gambino, as Spencer, bathed in red light, asks for more lighting so he can see his guitar, but adds with a Glover flounce, “I’m so pretty”. Indeed so, but never ever vacant. This is their America, the anti-Trump, and it’s as confrontational and raw as these sad, screwed up times deserve. The happy, sweaty audience agree. Dang!” – Lorna Irvine,

Set List / Review: Lorna Irvine (


The Reverse Cowgirls:

nb. originally this support for this show was given as The Bucky Rage.

The Bucky Rage:

HITmakers show #24