Jon Spencer’s Wild Ride: Interview

“I kind of liked everything about it. The fact that it was this huge city and noisy place. The buildings and the streets. All the bricks and concrete and steel. The city itself, which is overwhelming and imposing. But more importantly, the music and the art. Most of all, we were just so into the bands that were around then. I was really into the Lower East Side art scene as well. In particular, it was people like Lydia Lunch, Swans, Sonic Youth. The no wave stuff, and of course, the punk stuff before that. The Ramones, and then you go even earlier to the New York Dolls to Suicide to the Velvets. It was such an intimidating and overwhelming place, but there was this rich history of subversive art. Back then, if you wanted to connect with like-minded freaks, you kind of had to go to a city like New York. You couldn’t go online and find stuff like that. You had to search it out, so physical proximity was important.”

Visit to read a new Jon Spencer interview and preview feature for the show at The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN, US (August 5, 2018).


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