Lyrics > Andre Williams & The Sadies – That’s My Desire

Writers: [unknown]
Published: [unknown]
From: Andre Williams & The Sadies – Night & Day (LP, US)
Source: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Text in BLUE by Sally Timms, text in RED is incorrect. Sleeve does not give credits for each song (Check entry for more details).
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That's My Desire
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You Got It And I Want It
Your Old Lady
To spend one night with you
In our old rendezvous
And reminisce with you
That’s my desire

To meet where gypsies play
Down in some dim cafe
We’ll dance to the break of day
That’s my desire

We’ll sip ’bout any glass of wine
We’ll sip ’bout any glass of wine
Our days into your eyes divine
Let me feel the touch of your lips
Pressing my mind

Let me here you whisper
Just when it’s time to go
Sherry, I love so
You’re my desire

Let me here you whisper low
Just when it’s time to go
Sherry, I love you so
You’re my desire