Lyrics > Butter 08 – It’s The Rage

Writers: Butter 08
Published: [no details]
From: Butter [2008] (CD, US)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe

Shut Up
Butter of 69
Dick Serious
How Do I Relax
It’s The Rage
Mono Lisa
What Are You Wearing
Sex Symbol
Hard To Hold
When we talk
We talk like scorpions
Getting over
Getting over everyone
Don’t like it
Stay away
Like a lion
Gonna roar when
You are lied to
Lied to again
It stinks
Smells like a locker room
Smoke it up
Like smokin’ in the boy’s room
Fuck you up
You are all alone again
But it’s the rage
No we’re not
We’re not gonna take
And if I got to
I mught fuck your sister
Ain’t footloose
I really miss ya
Nothing right
Nothing wrong here
Bang you up
Take it like a man
Where you want it
I will take you there
Cause I’m driving
Don’t know where
And high school
Was never like this before