Lyrics > Butter 08 – What Are You Wearing

Writers: Butter 08
Published: [no details]
From: Butter [2008] (CD, US)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe

Shut Up
Butter of 69
Dick Serious
How Do I Relax
It’s The Rage
Mono Lisa
What Are You Wearing
Sex Symbol
Hard To Hold
There’s a place
Inside my head
Somebody’s screaming
Somebody’s dead
It’s nothing personal
I guess it’s alright
And there’s somewhere
I’d rather be
Talk to me dirty
Get to me
Let’s fake some action
I guess it’s alright
And I thought I heard
Somebody say
It’s gonna be
You’re lucky day
But I can’t remember
I guess it’s alright
I guess I don’t really know
Feel good
Feels fine
One time
Hit a car door
With my bike today
I could be flying
Far away
I think somethings busted
I guess it’s alright
Getting up
Gotta get some speakers
She’s wearin’ nothing
It’s hot today
Are we getting married
Or just getting friendly
I guess it’s alight