Lyrics > Cibo Matto – Le Pain Perdu

Writers: Writers: Cibo Matto
Published: © 1995 Soul Urchin Songs
From: Cibo Matto – Viva! La Woman (CD, JAPAN)
Source: Viva La Woman album sleeve notes
Águas de Março
Beef Jerky
Birthday Cake
Know Your Chicken
Le Pain Perdu
Sugar Water
Waters of March
White Pepper Ice Cream
The sunshine, too light
The ocean, too wide
I’m sick of your cliché
The sky is kind
Love is blind
You can’t let go of the lost pain
You are in the maze
Spending every day
I’m in the haze
I want the getaway
Can you take my silver wheat?
Mix it up with butter and treat
I feel a chill go down my feet
Your maple is so sweet
But it’s too mushy, baby
We’ve got to get out
To get the hell out
We’ve got to get out
To get the hell out
Got to get me out of here
Before it goes stale