Lyrics > Heavy Trash – Jibber Jabber

Writers: Jon Spencer / Matt Verta-Ray
Published: Patricia Ann Music / Marsupial Parlay Vous (BMI)
From: Heavy Trash – Noir (LP, UK)
Source: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: n/a
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Jibber Jabber
Justine Alright
Kissy Baby
Leave That Junk Alone
Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick
'Lonely Nights'
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Out Demon Out
Outside Chance
The Pill
Pork Chop
Punk Rock Mama
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She Baby
(Sometimes You Got to Be) Gentle
Sweet Little Bird
Sweet, Sweet Girl
Take My Hand
That Ain't Right
That's What Your Love Gets
They Were Kings
This Day Is Mine
Under The Waves
Walking Bum
Way Out
We Got To Go
Wet Book
Wheel of Fortune
Yeah Baby
You Can't Win
You Got What I Need
Buddy Holly’s dungarees encrusted with semen
Rife with disease
I was there when the plane went down
Richie Valens, Big Boppa, gee, we really missed ya
Since you not been around anymore, anyway, anyhow, nowhere, nevermind

Kurt Cobain, what a punk
Blew his mind, ultimate trip
Used and discarded by a big company that didn’t care didn’t care about me and you except one’s and zeros

What happened to the real rock ‘n’ roll heroes
Jerry Lee Lewis was called ‘The Killer’
Not because he wanted to off himself
Like Alex a young Droog
Because he could play that piano and put you in the mood
Arthur Fonzarelli, Spiderman, Eric Clapton, Green Lantern
More fictional characters
Don’t mean nothing

Jibber Jabber
A rat-a-tat-tat
Ball the jack
Jump back
Kiss yourself
Hit that spot
Snatch it back
Time to get real
Time to pull back the covers
Stretch out and gimme some room

Jimi Hendrix, Mama Cass, Jim Morrison
More foolish, misguided, wannabe artists, using up valuable space
Still making money for somebody
like Che Guevara and Ronald McDonald,
Ronald Mcdonald? go ask Old Mcdonald
A Hamburger is made from a dead animal
A hamburger is not something for children top play with
Used to be blood in those veins and air coming in and out

Needs to be something real, underneath all the make-believe
Needs to be something real on top of the real
Stretch out
Snatch it back
And jump back

Rock on my brothers
Rock and Roll my sisters
And get down
And get down