Lyrics > Heavy Trash – You Can’t Win

Writers: J. Spencer / M. Verta-Ray
Published: © 2007 Patricia Ann Music / Marsupial Parlay Vous (BMI)
From: Going Way Out With Heavy Trash (CD, US)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
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You Can't Win
You Got What I Need
Welcome to the shrek room
Pull up a rusty bedsprings
Light another torch to carry
’cause the record players broken
Yeah, I remember when these crying tramps were king
When the gyrations, wild gyrations ruled

Pump so full of reverberation, treble
So high on the slap back
Drunk on Pomade, Lemonade,
Lime, Ricky Cherry, Wine and Pepsi Cola
Tented beef, potted meat,
Fake meat, Slim Jims, Doritos, beans
And Mulligan stew

Wander six sweet romances
Melody and rhythm, pounding and insistent
Bizarre rituals to power the power
Wearing sideburns and shoe leather
And dead animal skins
But hey, if the suit smells, wear it

Town to town back room to ho down
[You can’t win]
Hand outs and punch ups broken hearts and bad luck
Another empty house
Another shock transmission
You can’t win
[You can’t win]

Carry an old worn photograph of an old lost love
Be Bop A Lula with a thump and a shove
[Be Bop A Lula]
Chattering and chattering, clattering
Sing rockabilly tramp mischievous king
Nothing more now than memories and phantoms
Ghosts and spooks beware
Stay close to the fire
Sleep with your shoes on
You can’t win
You can’t win

Yeah some people said something and some people died
You can’t win sad tramp
Did you hear about Madison?
Did you hear about Hamilton?

16 hours trapped under a Pinto
14 days strapped down to a gurney
The face will never be the same
Oh the infamy, Oh the shame
The Octobeast files tonight
This country will never be the same
[Octobeast files tonight]

Remember good night?
Remember tucking children into bed?
Remember Betty Lou? Peggy Sue?
Now just lookout for the cops
And watch out for the screw
So lost in the dream
Such a fine design
Disconnect from today

Bizarre rituals to power the powerful
Wonder and sin
Daily and hourly
Such glories were had, such heights to obtain
Blueberry hill
And now all traded for money but our pockets are empty
Promises that were held out have since been withdrawn
You can’t win