Lyrics > The Heritage Radio All Stars – ‘I Gotta Have My Insurance’

Writers: The Heritage Radio All Stars
Published: [unknown]
Release: n/a
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Actual title not known, this song was performed live on Arts & Seizures, Brooklyn, New York (19 March 2017). Lead vocal by Rob Kennedy.
Well, I was driving down the highway the other day
Coming to this show
And Paul Ryan came on the radio, hang on the one there

What he said, wasn’t fair
Here we go boys
He said he was going to take my Obama care

I gotta have my insurance, baby, hand on that four
No matter what they say
I gotta have my insurance, baby
I need the ACA

I gotta have my insurance, it’s the law
Mr Trump take away your tiny paw

So, I called up the market place to try to see what the Republicans are going to do

to me
Started asking me a bunch of questions
Are you black?
Are you poor?
Can you pay?
Are you blind?
Can you see?
Oh, what they did to me
All for my lack of insurance policy

I gotta have my insurance
I ain’t lying
I gotta have my insurance
Fuck you Paul Ryan
I gotta have my insurance
I need the help

Jon Spencer, I can’t do it by myself

That’s right
Why do I have these problems with the man?
I asked Paul Ryan about his plan
I asked him to explain it to me

He said you love it, gon’ be great
It’s tremendous
It covers everything
It’s like Jesus
Jesus fucking Christ
Jesus fucking Christ
What the public is doing to me?

Peter, blow that harp

I gotta get some help
I gotta get some help
Ladies and gentlemen, my health is failing me
Oh, baby go

Ha, ha, ha, ha
You know Putin, he had a plan
He was going to bring it to us, straight from Japan
It worked there
It works now
You can’t take the government, do anything, anyhow
Install what you want
Shake it up
and Mess it up
The whole fucking thing is falling down
I got so many insecurities
Oh, Help me Peter
Help me

I never know what I got to do to get through the next week or two
Every day you turn on your TV what do you see?
A four year old is running our country
It’s shameful, it’s embarrassing, I don’t know what to do
They’ve taken away my visa so I can barely tell you, ‘cept on the radio

Jon Spencer, go go

[It’s a blues explosion]

It’s a mess
Ladies and gents
Not the America I knew
The Kennedy family had their faults, I knew, I’m one too
But in spite of that, I’m scared to death
They’ve got rights they only thought of trying to take away
They’re going to do it tomorrow, I know
I’m scared to live in this, I thought I’d let you know
I gotta get out, gotta go
Gotta get out
Gotta go
Do you believe me?
I gotta get out
Gotta go