Lyrics > Men Without Pants – Right Now

Writers: Men Without Pants
Published: [Sleeve does not give publishing details for each track]
From: Men Without Pants (CD, JAPAN)
Source: Men Without Pants (CD, JAPAN)
All You Need Is Luck
And The Girls Go
The Beginning
Double Life
I Do
If You`re Thinkin' Of Me
Keep On Movin`
Let's Meet In Real Life
My Balloon
Never Gonna Do That Again
Right Now
Rock Show
These Days
So what’s the matter with you boy
It’s been the same grind too long
You keep lookin’ at every girl
Like you’re doin’ somethin’ wrong
Is the wife gettin’ to ya
You’re feelin’ the strain
You need a little somethin’ to
Make you
Feel alive again
That’s right

Right Now
A little somethin’ new
Right Now

So what’s the matter with ya boy
You got nowhere left to hide
Take somethin’ to make you numb

To that emptiness inside
You’re tryin’ to remember
But even if you could
She’s just not doin’ it for you anymore
A change’ll do you good
That’s right

Right Now
A change’ll do you good
If you only could
Right Now

Things aren’t like they we’re before
You’re not havin’ sex any more
Saw you checkin’ out my girl
You may have it all but you don’t have her
Oh no