Lyrics > Mike Edison / Cristina Martinez / Jon Spencer – Birthday Blues [#2]

Writers: Mike Edison / Cristina Martinez / Jon Spencer
Published: [unknown]
Release: [unreleased]
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: This is the second of three completely different performances of ‘Birthday Blues’ recorded live on the ‘Arts & Seizures – Happy Birthday, Mike!’ episode on 3 August 2014.

Text in BLUE is by Jon Spencer.

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Some birthday blues coming?
Birthday blues
Mike Edison is an old man
It’s not even his birthday anymore
Tell you the truth, it was August the second
Yes, it was many years ago that Mrs Edison bought home something from the hospital
Great going like a prune or a raisin
I came out, I came out and…
I came out and then the doctor slapped my ass, turned me over and said “Holy shit twins!”
Getting old here on the Mike and Judy Show
Maybe you shold light up that birthday dooby, just…
Can you do that?
Got the Birthday blues
We’re going to get in trouble if you do that
Do you want to go in detention on your 50th Birthday…