Lyrics > Phenomenal Handclap Band – Give It A Rest

Writers: Sean Marquand / Daniel Collás / Luke O’Malley
Published: Millions & McCloud / Sarig Songs (ASCAP) / Keep Smiling (BMI)
Release: Phenomenal Handclap Band (CD, UK)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Lead vocals by Jon Spencer.
About to leave her
About to leave her
The big deceiver
About to leave her
Wicked woman get behind me

I did these things that you say I do
Those wicked things I did to you
I’m like the blood
Coursing through your veins

I can give you life or take it away
The words you say never come out right
You’d rather argue but I don’t know why
Cuz you’ll be back by tomorrow night
So let’s do it again, I think it’s time

Do it again, it’s time to do it again

The deceiver
About to leave her

It is time, it is time, it is time
It is time to give it a rest