Lyrics > Puffy Amiyumi – Go Baby Power Now

Writer: Jon Spencer
Published: Patricia Ann Music, BMI
Release: Puffy – Hit & Fun (2xCD, JAPAN)
Notes: There is also a Japanese language version of this song titled Onna Machin Gan (Girl Machine Gun) with lyrics written by Seiji of Guitar Wolf released on Splurge (CD, JAPAN) .
Back up off me baby cos you’re dragging me down
Everybody knows that cheatin’ ain’t allowed
Seems to me you got a nervous twitch
Don’t you know better honey which is which
Get your go baby power now

You acting so stupid and you looking so small
Crying at the window baby climbing up the wall
I am rubber and you are glue
These evil tricks they gonna stick on you
Get your go baby power now

Let me go let me go let me go let me go
Let me go pretty baby cos I’m full grown
Let me go let me go let me do what I say
I got to live my own life got to get one my own way

I need go power now now now
I need power I said right now

I waited and I waited
And all you’ve said is no
Better quit your crying Shakespeare
Cos now I got to go

I want go power now now now
I need power right now right now

I’m leaving this town going to the big city
Oh honey you ain’t seen how good I can pretty
Something better that’s what is up
Now you know better never mess with my stuff
Got my go baby power now