Lyrics > The Heritage Radio All Stars – Presidental Blues

Writers: The Heritage Radio All Stars
Published: [unknown]
Release: n/a
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Actual title not known, this song was recorded for Arts & Seizures, Brooklyn, New York (19 March 2017). Broadcast as part of a second separate show on 26 March 2017. Main vocal by Rob Kennedy.
I woke up this morning
Looked all around my bed
That feeling in my head
I wonder what could the matter…
What could the matter be?
What has happened to my country?

That’s right
Oh my, yes

Around my apartment building
Everybody looks so fucking sad
I said what happened
They said “we feel bad”
This new budget got so many cuts
I’m lying here on the side walk here bleeding to death
Do you know what?
It’s a, It’s a
A hurt
They’ve thrown New York City
Believe Rob K when I say they’re going to throw you in the dirt
He hates this city because it’s rude
He doesn’t like some prick, rich man, dude
Spends all his money
Spends it away
He’s going to bankrupt the USA
I could tell you a hundred times or two
I got the Presidential Blues

Mr President, I’ve come all the way from Germany
Will you please shake my hand?
No, I will not