Money Mark – Push The Button (PRESS, UK)

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Money Mark - Vox: Push The Button [Review] (PRESS, UK)
This appeared in Select magazine of June 1998 and gave readers the chance to claim a free five track Push The Button Sampler.

The article text features Money Mark talking about Push The Button (which features Russell Simins on Hand In Your Head).

“Money Mark for nothing

A free, five-track sampler of the Beastie keyboard fella’s new album can be yours. But be quick, it’s limited to 2000 copies.

Money Mark, erstwhile handyman and proof that Welfare To Work can lead to musical employment, is in town to discuss his new album on Mo’Wax, ‘Push The Button’. This, as you’ll be able to hear through our exclusive sampler offer, is a song-centric grab-bag of lo-fi, soul funk, hip hop, jazz, pop and probably disco and death metal as well. Mr Ramos-Nishita talked us through the genesis of the CD’s five tracks…

Push The Button
“We say Dial the number’, but you don’t really dial it now – you push it. The terminology hasn’t changed but the language and the organic-ness of the action is disconnected. things are moving too fast. You hvae a hierarchy of buttons that all look the same. ne button will order a pizza and the other could destroy the world and another could undo the whole thing. So… whatever.”

All The People
“Maybe I was thinking of some kind of Stax, Al Green type of thing. I’m pretty sure I played all the instruments on that one. On all first three tracks, in fact.”

Maybe I’m Dead
“It came from this drum sound. It was like ‘Whhrrnrrw’ and I just built upon that. It’s about a celebration of life and reincarnation, or something humanising.”

Hand In Your Head
“Russell Simins plays the drums and Sean Lennon plays bass. There was no logic to the video. This man was telling me a war story. He was supposed to cross the channel and he didn’t really wanna go, so he tied the wheel up to make the boat go in a big circle. So I did the same with my car. Sean and Russell weren’t around, so I hired a snowman and a bulls. Finding a bass-playing snowman was really hard.”

Rock In The Rain
“The character here doesn’t wanna change, doesn’t care about technology and wants everything to stop.”

Eddy Lawrence

*To claim one of 2000 free Money Mark CD’s, send your name and address on a postcard to: Money Mark CD, 3 Alveston Place, Leamington Spa, CV32 4SN”