Regression Session: Cristina Martinez

Cristina Martinez was on A Regression Session with Barry Divola, Kinderling Kids Radio (Australia), Sunday 30 April 2017, 12 noon – 1pm.

nb. The shows are usually archived on the site and can be re-played after broadcast so hopefully it will be posted on the page in the near future.

UPDATE: The show is now online:

“Cristina Martinez is the formidable frontwoman for Boss Hog, the New York punk-blues band she formed in 1989 with her husband Jon Spencer. The daughter of Cuban and Spanish immigrants tells Barry Divola about growing up in Washington D.C., wanting to be Elvis Presley, doing renditions of songs from Grease in the school playground and hanging out at the pet store where Henry Rollins worked because they had a baby alligator. Cristina plays Bill Haley & The Comets, Blondie, Trouble Funk and more.”


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