Rolling Stones – Exile on Main St.: The Guardian

Jon Spencer discusses Turd on the Run in new Guardian feature on Exile on Main St. by The Rolling Stones.

“‘Turd on the Run is nasty. People didn’t write songs like that’
Jon Spencer, Jon Spencer & the HITmakers

In Pussy Galore, we covered Exile in its entirety because Sonic Youth had joked in interviews about doing the Beatles’ White Album. I hadn’t actually heard the Stones’ original then. Neil Hagerty would play us the songs on his guitar – then as soon as we could play it, it was a take. The original has the same shagginess. Turd on the Run is raw rockabilly-blues, a pretty nasty song about a love affair gone wrong, and seems almost omnisexual or pansexual. In 1972 people just didn’t write songs like that. It’s punk rock.”

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