Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton – Death Wish Blues: Out Now!

Listen to Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton – ‘Settle For Less’ from the album Death Wish Blues, featuring Aaron Johnson (drums) Kendall Wind (bass) and Mickey Finn (keys), released today (19 May 2023)

“What I loved about working with Jon is that we brought in a bunch of songs that we’d demoed on acoustic guitar, and he’d go in and find a way to add all these unique parts that I never would’ve envisioned,” says Fish. “Sometimes it was jarring at first, but everything ended up fitting so perfectly.” Looking back on the album-making process, Fish also notes that Spencer helped to uncover certain facets of her voice that she’d never explored before. “Jon records vocals with character; it’s about attitude rather than perfection,” she says. “I learned a lot about taking on the character of the song, and about singing with different inflections to really get the emotion across.” – Darryl Sterdan / Tinnitist


“And we had a great producer, Jon Spencer, who did an amazing job helping us navigate, because it can be complicated with two lead artists. I think he and I both have a big respect for each other, so it really wasn’t that difficult.” – Samantha Fish

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Settle For Less:

“Death Wish Blues is a deceptive album. Some might call it a simple exercise in garage band alt.blues, or some such. But with the assistance of producer Jon Spencer there are a lot of twists and turns packed in here – in fact there’s a lot packed into each of these 12 short’n’sharp songs, with the scribbling, doodling keys throwing frequent stabs of funk thrown into the mix. When you get down to it Death Wish Blues is 21st century rock’n’roll, with Jesse Dayton cast as a leather-clad Link Wray rebel – and hey, they really should work ‘Rumble’ into their live set – and Samantha Fish as his cigar-box toting femme fatale.” – Iain Cameron / Blues Enthused


“After releasing 2022’s Stardust Sessions EP, Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton began working on a full album. Death Wish Blues is out May 19, 2023 on Rounder Records. It was recorded during a 10 day period at Applehead Recording & Production located in Woodstock New York. The 17 acre farm that the studio is located at what was once Rick Danko’s who was the bass guitarist and fiddle player for The Band. Dayton and Fish put together a band comprised of keyboardist Mickey Finn, drummer Aaron Johnston and Kendall Wind on bass guitar. Most of the album was recorded the old fashioned way with everyone in the studio playing together creating a musical stew comprised of everything from blues and soul to funk and punk seasoned by rock & roll.

The album was produced by Jon Spencer of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, who has the gift of inspiring the best of the artists that he works with, even if it breaks the rules.” – Robert Gersztyn / Blues Rock Review


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