Schneider TM – NME: Grand Slang [Review] (PRESS, UK)

1 July 2000 NME #26
NME review for the Grand Slang compilation featuring Switched On Boss Hog by Schneider TM which was also issued on Schneider TM – Reconfigures.
“Various – Grand Slang: City Slang 1990 – 2000 (City Slang)

Crack open the White Lightning, oh quality-deprived indie children – City Slang, alt-pop’s most faithful benefactor, is ten years young. And what finer way to celebrate a decade of inspired esoterica than this cookie-warming grab-bag of rarities and previously unavailable lovelies?

Necessary or evil? The former, with pop-shaped bells on. Includes ace tracks by Wheat and God’s own mariachi house-band, Calexico. And no house is a home without Lambchop: here you get a remix of ‘Up With People’. It is, naturally, tremendous. (8)”