Spin.com: The 58th Greatest Drummer of Alternative Music

http://www.spin.com/#articles/best-drummers-list-alternative-music/?slide=43Russell Simins (The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion)
With the Blues Explosion, Russell Simins’ groove was like an unbalanced wheel on a musclebound Camaro — a powerful thing of lopsided beauty. A hulking bruiser mercilessly bashing a minimalistic kit, Simins had a Bonhamesque slam, a funky swing, and most crucially, a hip-hoppy bounce that helped bring JSBX’s raw blues-rock into the present. Live, his fast-twitch kick-drum foot provided much of the low end in a bassless band, and his flopping mop of hair provided numerous comparisons to Animal.
Most Booming Moment: The breakdown on “Ditch” when Simins unleashed syncopated kick-drum beats that could induce cardiac arrhythmia. MICHAEL AZERRAD


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