The Big Drum In The Sky Religion – More Songs About Politics And Religion (DOWNLOAD, US)

28 June 2016
01. Bloody Well Rite
02. I And I Are A Gentle Angry People
03. An Islamic State Of Mind
04. I Sin Alone
05. Dope Sikh
06. Have A God Time All The Time
07. Funeral Mass Extinction
08. Psalm 118
09. Don’t Worry (If There’s Hell Below, We’re All Gonna Go) Be Happy
10. Anima Farm
11. Transcend Your Bad Self
12. Hanuman In Hammersmith Paraiso U.F.O.
13. John The Revelator
14. Aloha Akbar
15. Brown Disciples
16. Gopis Up A Rope
17. Unitarian-Universal Corner
18. The Sacred Hoop (There It Is)
19. Samsara Liberation Front
20. Mythage
21. Take Your Bourbon To The Lord And Leave It There
22. You Look Like A Jew
23. My Street Lord
24. Do They Owe Us A Living God?
25. The Revelation Will Not Be Televised
26. Rubberband Mantra
27. Anal Play In The Fields Of The Lord
28. Live Forever, Die Young
29. Guess Who’s Coming To Dionysia
30. Shiva Is A Punk Rocker
31. Abusing Grace
32. Gospel Plow
33. Mama Maya
34. God Adores A Naked Singularity
35. Sweet Home Nibbana
36. Saint John Of The Crass
37. One God! One Big Union! OK!
38. Your Christ’s Off The Cross, But You’re Not
39. Pagans On The Roof
40. Praise The Lord And Burn The Rich
Release by The Big Drum In The Sky Religion featuring a cover of the Pussy Galore track You Look Like A Jew originally released on the Groovy Hate Fuck EP.
13. John The Revelator
Writers: Traditional

22. You Look Like A Jew
Writer: Jon Spencer

32. Gospel Plow
Writers: Traditional/BDSR

ARTWORK: [unknown]