The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Pop Tarts For TMS: 2010 Pitchfork Fest (PRESS, US)

18 July 2010

Review of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion set at Pitchfork Music Festival on 17 July 2010.

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SET LIST: 2Kindsa Love – Flavor – Attack / Very Rare / Sweat / Belbottoms / I Wanna Make It Alright / Sweet ‘n’ Sour / Hell / Feeling of Love / Mars, Arizona / Chicken Dog / Soul Typecast / Burn It Off / Shirt Jac – Bellbottoms [Intro] – Naked / Afro / R.L. Got Soul / Magical Colors

“POP TARTS FOR TMS: 2010 PITCHFORK FEST (DAY 2 – JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION) Pat Duffy, formerly of Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (RIP), checks in for us! Heading to a music festival one might expect to find lots of rock star personalities in attendance, but that’s not what Pitchfork is built on. Instead they load the bill with smaller bands that have a big sound and lots of potential. Jon Spencer is not one of those dudes. He is a rock star and if there was any doubt about it let the leather pants in the 90-degree heat put that doubt to rest permanently. That and the rocking set he and his Blues Explosion put on yesterday of course. Following the technical problems Raekwon suffered through it was awesome to see a three piece rock band plug in and get to it with no delay. And get to it they did, launching into the set and immediately taking over the scene for the day. The set was powerful and intense, loaded with the fine rock stylings of a master of the art. They took over and for the rest of the day any time the “who was the best act” question was posed, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion was one of the first answers on everyone’s tongue. More bands should take note and learn from Jon Spencer. You don’t need to be excessively flashy or rely on any sort of tricks, you just need to go out there with great tunes and play them as if it’s going to be the last time you’ll ever play them. Do that & you’re well on your way to attaining rock star status as Jon Spencer & his cohorts already have. SPTR: 9.0.” – Pat Duffy @