The King Brothers – 6×3 (CD, JAPAN)

20 February 2002 Toshiba EMI TOCT-24684
01. Doo Doo Scratch
02. Paint It Black!!
03. 1979
04. There Is Nothing
05. Sonics
06. Birth Of The Cool
CD album in LP-style gatefold card sleeve with tip-on style artwork, issued with Obi-strip and the disc is housed inside an anti-static bag with rounded-edge.

Like many Japanese promotional albums the ‘Sample’ copies of this release were just the commercial release with alternate text stamped around the centre hole of the disc.

Currently out-of-print and was only released (physically) in Japan.

Images show: Advert, interview and review from Buzz (Vol. 31, March 2002)

Jon Spencer produced and performs on every track, and Doo Doo Scratch features Charlie Spencer. Matt Verta-Ray and Ron Ward also appear on the album.

Even though the sleeve features the In The Red logo it was not released by the label and to date has not seen a physical release outside of Japan.


“Jon Spencer produced your album “6×3”. How did you meet Jon Spencer?

Guitar Wolf introduced Jon Spencer to us. He is absolutely my master. Thanks for IN THE RED (US label) who hooked up us to work together. One of our dreams has come true, so now the next one will be to work with the Rolling Stones.

Do you think Jon Spencer’s production created a different sound on the record?

To be honest, Jon Spencer was the original reason we have started King Brothers. It was the best time we ever had and I think we have finished one career respecting and following Jon Spencer after that. So that experience brought the latest style of King Brothers. Now we have moved on to the new level without Jon in a good way.

Is it true that Jon Spencer and Christina Martinez’s son plays or sings on “Doo Doo Scratch”?

Jon’s son Charlie and Ron from my favorite NY band, Speed Ball Babys, joined in that song. We have recorded it in Matt from Speedball Babys studio. When I met Jon and Matt in NY again, I shouted NY ROCK N ROOL!! THIS IS THE CENTRAL OF THE WORLD!!” –


“Jon Spencer produced, adding new instrumentation and dynamics to THE KING BROTHERS’ sound. The pace is slowed, but no less intense, and the songwriting is stretching in strange new ways. The guitars, still ragged, are inching into a tortured psychedelia. ‘Doo Doo Scratch’ features Jon and his kid. ‘Paint It Black!!’ isn’t THE ROLLING STONES’ tune. ‘1979’ grows into a chorus of maniacs. ‘There Is Nothing’ starts as a slow percussive shuffle, but erupts in an explosion of guitar. ‘Sonics’ rocks, and ‘Birth Of The Cool’ (7:58) delights with haunting bg vocals and a trek into a sonic wilderness.” –

King Brothers Are:
Guitar/Vocals: Keizo Matsuo
Guitars/Screaming: Masafumi Koyama
Drums: Jun FujimotoAll Words Written: Keizo Matsuo
All Songs Written: King BrothersProduced: Jon Spencer
Recorded: Ippei Suda
Assisted: Tomonobu Akibi (TOSHIBA-EMI)

Additional Performers:

01. Doo Doo Scratch
“Godzilla” Vocal: Charlie Spencer
Vocal (English): Ron Ward
Organ/Percussion: Jon Spencer
Shout: King Brothers

02. Paint It Black!!
Wah Guitar/Conga/Percussion: Jon Spencer
Backing Vocals: Jon Spencer & Matt Verta Ray

03. 1979
Synthesizer: Jon Spencer

04. There Is Nothing
Wah Guitar: Jon Spencer

05. Sonics
Percussion/Stylophone: Jon Spencer

06. Birth of The Cool
Vibes/Organ: Jon Spencer

Total Run Time: 29:44

Jon Spencer Appears Courtesy of Matador/Toys Factory
Ron Ward & Matt Verta-Ray appear courtesy of Their Good Selves
A&R Directed by Larry Hardy (IN THE RED)/Takashi Hiraoka (TOSHIBA-EMI)
Coordinator: Masao Vutch Kimura
Translator: Miho Mizutani (TOSHIBA-EMI)

Design: Jimmy Hole
Photography: Danny Hole (Front)/Jeremy Harris (Back) / Aki Muro (Inside)

BARCODE: 4 988006 176676

MATRIX: “IFPI L153 TOCT-24684 2”