“The Way of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion”

http://groundcontrolmag.com/detail/1/4174/OO: Throughout your career, you’ve always been part of projects, like with the Blues Explosion of course and Boss Hog, and Heavy Trash. Have you ever considered doing a solo project? Considering your music history, I don’t even know what that would sound like.

JS: I’ve definitely thought about it, but I like to collaborate with people. It’s why I was drawn to making music, it’s to work with people. It’s not just me by myself. Maybe the closest I ever came was, I made a record with the Dickenson brothers, it was called Spencer Dickinson, I think that was around 2000. It was a spur of the moment project. I went down there with a lot of ideas and sketches for songs. There’s a lot of me on that record, and it’s an interesting record. I like to write with other people. Occasionally by myself, but mostly with other people.”

GroundControlMag.com have just published a new interview with Jon Spencer from the day of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion appearance on Boston Rock Talk and the show at Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA (9 April 2015).

Photo / Words: Ollie Ottoman

Link: http://groundcontrolmag.com/detail/1/4174/

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