V/A feat. Heavy Trash – If We Took The Bones Out It Wouldn't Be Crunchy (POSTER, DENMARK)

8 September 2014 Crunchy Frog
Silkl-screened poster featuring the cover design of the compilation If We Took The Bones Out It Wouldn’t Be Crunchy which includes the Heavy Trash song Double Line from the album Going Way Out With Heavy Trash.


“Over these 20 years, it has been a joy and an honour to release the 26 amazing bands that you’ll find on this compilation. We’ve always felt a real partnership with our recording artists. The music and the people that create and record it is really the beating heart of any record label. So in order to compile this release, we asked the bands to select the one song from any of their Crunchy Frog releases that they themselves are most proud of or find expresses the essence of what they are/were about as a band, or basically just like the most.

It turned out to be a difficult task for many bands. And it would have been quite impossible for us too. One should never be put in the position of having to choose between one’s children. But better them than us, eh?

In the end, we arrived at the selections that comprise this double album. They are certainly not the full picture or final truth about the first 20 years of Crunch. We have released more than 100 records with these fine bands, and each hold world class grade A recordings that are fully worthy of inclusion here. A totally different track list could be just as kick ass as this one.

We urge you to use these songs as a starting point for diving deeper into the catalogue. You will no doubt find it an enriching and rewarding exploration. As will we – in a more financial sense, of course – but nevertheless.


Crunchy Frog”