V/A feat. Boss Hog – Radioplay – Euro Express – 355U – May 5, 2000 (CD, US)

5 May 2000 Radioplay 355U
01. CD-ROM Index Track
02. Delis – Good Stuff
03. Day One – I’m Doin’ Fine
04. A Perfect Circle – Judith
05. Worlds Apart – I Will
06. Precious – Stand Up
07. Emiliana Terrine – Dead Things
08. Boss Hog – Get It While You Wait
09. Guano Apes – Big In Japan
10. B-Uneek – Eeney Meeney [Radio Mix]
11. The Artist – Baby Knows
12. The Charlatans – Impossible
13. Whitney Houston & George Michael – If I Told You That
14. Christina Aguilera – I Turn to You [Radio Edit]
15. James Brown – Funk On Ah Roll [Bump and Flex Radio Edit]
16. Aimee Mann – Save Me
17. My Vitriol – Losing Touch
18. Scotch – The Best is Yet to Come
19. Truesteppers feat. Dane Bowers – Buggin’ Me
Promotional CD Rom featuring the Boss Hog track Get It While You Wait from the album Whiteout.
08. Boss Hog – Get It While You Wait
Vocals: Cristina Martinez
Guitar/Vocals: Jonathan Spencer
Bass: Jens Jurgensen
Drums/Vocals: Hollis Queens
Keyboards: Mark Boyce
Writers: Boss Hog
Published: Madam’s Organ Music
Produced: Andy Gill
Mixed: Tore Johansson for Tambourine productions
Recording engineered: Bil Emmons
Recorded at Green Street, NYC.
Mixed at Tambourine Studio, Malmo, Sweden
Mastered: Staffan Olofsson Engineered: Bil Emmons
ARTWORK: [unknown]


MATRIX: [unknown]