V/A feat. Boss Hog – Rock & Folk Radio Show Numero 12 (CD, FRANCE)

March 2000 Rock & Folk
01. Vince Taylor – My Baby Left Me
02. Oasis – Go Let It Out
03. The Stooges – Lost In The Future Take 3
04. Petit Vodo – Shake it (Live)
05. Depeche Mode – Dream On
06. Rollins Band – Illumination
07. Six By Seven – New Year
08. Boss Hog – Whiteout
09. Vic Moan – Soul Kiss
10. Autour De Lucie – Je Reviens
V/A feat. Boss Hog - Rock & Folk Radio Show Numero 12 (CD, FRANCE)  - Cover
Compilation CD given away with Rock & Folk magazine including Whiteout by Boss Hog (taken from the Whiteout album). Boss Hog also appeared on Radio Show Numero 13.

nb. Tracklisting unconfirmed and may be incomplete (also includes videos).

08. Boss Hog – Whiteout
Vocals: Cristina Martinez
Guitar/Vocals: Jonathan Spencer
Bass: Jens Jurgensen
Drums/Vocals: Hollis Queens
Keyboards: Mark Boyce
Writers: Boss Hog
Published by Madam’s Organ Music �(p) 1999 Boss Hog
Produced/Mixed: Tore Johansson for Tambourine Productions
Recording Engineered: Bil Emmons
Recorded at The Magic Shop, NYC.
Mixed at Tambourine Studios, Malmo, Sweden
Assistant Engineer for the Recording: Reto Peter
Mastered: Staffan Olofsson
ARTWORK: [unknown]

BARCODE: [unknown]

MATRIX: [unknown]