V/A feat. Cheater Slicks / The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Crypt: Beat Generation (CD, SPAIN)

1997 Beat Generation / Crypt no.5
01. Los Ass-Draggers – College Rock Shit
02. New Bomb Turks – The Id Slips In
03. Lazy Cowgirls – Time And Money
04. Nine Pound Hammer – Shotgun In A Chevy
05. Oblivians – She’s A Hole
06. The Revelators – Under The Gun
07. Teengenerate – Right Now
08. Gories – Boogie Chillun
09. Los Ass-Draggers – Shitty Instro
10. Los Primos – On My Floor
11. DM Bob And The Deficits – Mexico Americano
12. Oblivians – Viet Nam War Blues
13. Bantam Rooster – Miss Luxury
14. New Bomb Turks – Summer Romance
15. Devil Dogs – 6th Ave. Local
16. The Revelators – These Calloused Hands
17. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Ditch
18. Country Teasers – Black Change
19. Cheater Slicks – Hook Or Crook
20. Thee Mighty Caesars – You Make Me Die
21. Chrome Cranks – Shine It On
22. The Beguiled – I Walk Alone
23. Lazy Cowgirls – Much Too Slow
24. Raunch Hands – What’s In The Bag?
25. Thee Headcoats – Round Every Corner
26. Country Teasers – Black Cloud Wandering
27. Pagans – When I Die
28. The Golden Catalinas – Varsity Club Song
29. Willie Wright & His Sparkles – Gibble Gobble
30. Tony Alvon & The Belairs – Sexy Coffee Pot
31. Bobby Long & His Satellites – Mojo Workout
32. The Tender Four – Margaya
V/A feat. Cheater Slicks / The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Crypt: Beat Generation (CD, SPAIN)
Compilation CD issued in Spain in association with Beat Generation magazine which features both the Jon Spencer produced Hook Or Crook by the Cheater Slicks and Ditch by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

This is very much in the style of the Cheapo Crypt Samplers and has many of the same tracks as Volume 2.

Hook Or Crook was released as the B-Side to Trouble Man (7″, US).

Ditch was released on Orange .

17. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Ditch
[following credits are as they appear on the Orange sleeve]
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Published: Dirty Shirt, BMI
Recorded in Memphis at Easley Recording, Nov 23-24 ’92 and in NYC at Waterworks Recording, Jul 30 and Dec 3 ’92, Mixed at Waterworks, Jan ’93.
Engineered by Doug Easley and Davis McCain (Memphis) and Jim Waters (NYC).
Produced by Jon Spencer and Jim Waters.

19. Cheater Slicks – Hook Or Crook
Guitar/Vocals: Tom Shannon
Guitar: David Shannon
Drums/Vocals: Dana Hatch
Writer: Alex Chilton
Published: Venus Hound ASCAP
Produced: Jon Spencer
Mixed/Edited: Jon Spencer at Waterworks
Recorded at Funhouse, NYC, Sept. 1994
Engineer: Jerry Teel

ARTWORK: [unknown]

BARCODE: [unknown]

MATRIX: “CRYPT @1$ ifpi 3301”