V/A feat. Cibo Matto – Silencio = Muerte: Red Hot + Latin (CD, US)

22 April 1997 Hola Recordings CD-41005
01. Los Lobos & Money Mark – Pepe & Irene
02. Café Tacuba & David Byrne – Yolanda Nigüas
03. Todos Tus Muertos And Los Autenticos Decadentes – Gente Que No
04. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs & Fishbone – What’s New Pussycat?
05. Cuca & Youth Brigade – El Son Del Dolor
06. Los Pericos & Buju Banton – Wanna Be Loved
07. Sen Dog & Mellow Man Ace & MC Skeey & Mr. Rico & DJ Rif – Quien Es Ese Negro
08. Reign & Hurricane G – Padre Nuestro
09. Juan Perro – Historia De La Radio
10. Geggy Tah And King Chango – Whoever You Are
11. Cibo Matto – Águas De Março
12. Diego Frenkel (La Portuaria), Aterciopelados & Laurie Anderson – Una Hoja, Una Raiz
13. Rubén Blades- No Te Miento
14. Melissa Etherudge – Sin Tener A Donde Ir
15. Andrés Calamaro – Cosas Que Me Ayudan A Olvidar
16. La Ley – You Come And Go
17. Víctimas Del Doctor Cerebro – Venas
18. Sepultura – War
V/A feat. Cibo Matto - Red Hot + Latin: Silencio = Muerte (CD, US)
AIDS Benefit compilation CD featuring ‘Águas de Março’ (Waters of March) by Cibo Matto featuring Russell Simins on Vocals.

This track was also released on Pretty Super Relax (7″, JAPAN) and the various promos/editions of Super Relax.

This album was reissued in 2006 with several bonus tracks.

A Red Hot Production
Produced by Tomas Cookman
Created by Tomas Cookman
Red Hot Supervising Producer: Beco Dranoff
Production Managers: Laima Pandars & Alice M. Rubin
Red Hot Clearences/Contract Administration: Brian Hanna
Bookman International A&R Assistants: Christof Huber & Estanis Figurda
Executive Producers: Jellybean Benitez & John Carlins
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk

01. Los Lobos & Money Mark – Pepe & Irene
Writers: Los Lobos/Money Mark/Mario C.
Produced: Mario C. & Los Lobos
Engineered: Mario C. & Bob Schaper
Mixed: Mario C.
Recorded at CRG Studios, CA and Marios House, CA.
© 1996 No K.O. Music/Ceros Music/Davince Music/Pelican Man Music/Black Saint Music (BMI)
Adm. By Bug Music, Fido Speaks Music (ASCAP)
Los Lobos apper courtesy of Warner Bros. Records
Money Mark Appears courtesy of A&M records Ltd.
Run Time: 3:33

02. Café Tacuba & David Byrne – Yolanda Nigüas
Vocals/Guitar: David Byrne
Cafe Tacuba:
Bass: Quique Rangel
Guitar: Joselo Rangel
Keyboards/Melodeon and Drums: Emanuel Del Real Diaz
Vocals: Ruben Albarran
Percussion: Luis Conte
Written by David Byrne and Ruben Albarran
Produced by Gustavo A. Santaolalla
Recorded by Anibal Kerpel at El Ensayo, Mexico & Tony Peluso at the Enterprise Burbank, CA
© 1996 Index Music Inc., (ASCAP) and Waner/Chappell
David Byrne appears courtesy of Luaka Bob/Warner Bros. Records
Cafe Tacuba appear courtesy of Warner Music Mexico S.A. DE. C.V.
Run Time: 3:24

03. Todos Tus Muertos And Los Autenticos Decadentes – Gente Que No
Bass: Todus Tus Muertos Felix Guitierrez
Drums: Pablo Potenzoni
Guitar/Backing Vocals: Horacio ‘Gamexane’ Villafane
Keyboard: Willy
Vocals: Fidel Nadal
Vocals: Pablito ‘Dronkit Master’

Los Autenticos Decadentes
Timbales/Backing Vocals: Martin ‘La Mosca’ Lorenzo
Tambor: Alberto ‘Superman’ Troglio
Congas: Gaston ‘Frances’ Bernardou
Guiro/Backing Vocals: Eduardo ‘Animal’ Tripodi
Guitar: Gustavo ‘Nito’ Montecchia Zampona/Backing Vocals: Diego ‘Cebolla’ Dimarco
Quena/Vocals/Backing Vocals: Jorge ‘Perro Viejo’ Serrano
Vocals: Cucho Parisi
Sax/Backing Vocals: Pablo ‘Paito’ Cabanchik
Trumpet/Backing Vocals: Guillermo ‘Kapanga’ Eijo
Trombone: Daniel ‘Bambi’ Zimbello
Backing Vocals: Nicolas Landa
Written by J. Serrano, H. Villafane, F. Gutierrez and F. Nadel
Produced by Los Autenticos Decadentes, Todos Tus Muertos and Gustavo Borner at Music Grinder, CA. Mixed by Gustavo Borner at Rusk Studios, CA.
Mixing Engineer: Stan
Publishing courtesy of BMG Ariola Argentina, S.A.
Todus Tu Muertos appear courtesy of Grita!
Los Autenicos Decadentes appear courtesy of BMG Ariola Argentina, S.A.
Run Time: 4:13

04. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs & Fishbone – What’s New Pussycat?
Vocals: Cadillacs Vincentico
Upright Bass: Senor Flavio
Guitar: Vaino
Drums: Fernando Ricciardi
Percussion: Gerado Toto Rotblat
Keyboards: Mario Piker ‘Siperman’
Trombone: Fernando Albareda
Sax: Sergio Rotman
Vocals/Barotone Sax: Fishboneangelo Moore
Acoustic Guitar: John Bigham
Trumpet: ‘Dirty’ Walter A. Kibby III
Bass: Norwood Fisher
Percussion: Phillip Fisher
Written by Bert Bacharach*
Produced by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs & Fishbone
Engineered by Doug Mckenan at Hit Factory, NY
Assisted by Kevin Stone & Greg Thompson
Mixed by Cesar Sogbie at South Beach Studios, Miami Beach
Publishing courtesy of EMI U Catalogue Inc.
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs appear courtesy of Sony Argentina
Fishbone appear courtesy of Rowdy Records
Run Time: 4:13

*spelt ‘Bachrach’ on sleeve notes.

05. Cuca & Youth Brigade – El Son Del Dolor
Vocals: Jose Fors
Guitars: Galo Ochoa
Bass: Carlos Aviles
Drums: Nacho Gonzalez
Youth Brigade
Vocals/Guitar: Shawn Stern
Vocals/Drums: Mark Stern
Vocals/Bass: Adam Stern
Vocals/Guitar: Johnny ‘Two Bags’ Wickersham
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Steve Kravac at Westbeach Studios, Hollywood, CA.
Written: Cuca
Produced: Cuca
Recorded at Olgo Estudios, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Engineer: Arturo ‘Tuti’ Perales
Assistant: Armando ‘Rostro’ Jimenez
© 1996 Edim Music Publishing
Youth Brigade appear courtesy of BYO Records
Cuca appear courtesy of Culebra/Bertelsman De Mexico, S.A. DE C.V., Divison BMG Ariola/Culebra Run Time: 4:03

06. Los Pericos & Buju Banton – Wanna Be Loved
Vocals: Buju Banton
Background Vocals: Marcia Griffiths
Vocals: Bahiano
Los Pericos
Keyboards/Programming: Diego Blanco
Latin Percussion: Marcelo Blanco
Drums: Ariel Raiman
Guitar: Juanchi Baleiron
Guitar: Willy Valentini
Bass: Gaston Moreira
Sax Alto: Horacio Avendano
Guest Musicians:
Trumpet: Miguel Angel Tallarita
Trombone: Juan Escolona
Barotone Sax/Flute: Axel Kriger
Written by Mark Myrie, Dave Kelly, Danny Browne and Hopeton Lindo
Produced by Donovan Germain
Additional Production: Dave Kelly
Engineers: Michael Cooper, Andre Tyrell and Dave Kelly
Mixing Engineer: Dave Kelly
Recorded and Mixed at Penthouse Recording Studio, Kingston Jamaica
Additional arrangement and production by Los Pericos
Recorded and Mixed by Walter Chacon and Mario Breuer at ‘El Pie’ Studios, Argentina
Assitant: Marcelo Mattioli
Executive production: Santiago Zambonini
© 1995 Songs of Polygram International Inc./Germain Music (BMI)/Gunsmoke Music Pub. Admin. by Polygram International Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)/EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI) O/B/O EMI Music publishing (PRS). All rights reserved. Used by Permission
International copyright secured. Original version of ‘Wanna Be Loved’ appears on Buju Banton’s ‘Til Shiloh on Loose Cannon Reocrds, A Polygram company.
Run Time: 4:07

07. Sen Dog & Mellow Man Ace & MC Skeey & Mr. Rico & DJ Rif – Quien Es Ese Negro
Written by DJ Rif, Sen Dog, Mellow Man Ace, MC SKeet & Mr Rico
Produced by DJ Rif for Sub-Culture Sound Systems courtesy of Rampage Entertainment
Recorded and Mixed by Louie ‘New Tatts’ Teran at Music Grinder Studios, Hollywood, CA.
Executive Producer: Stefano ‘Styles’ Percivaldi
Publishing courtesy of the writers and ‘Dora’s Roof-Top Groove Music’ (BMI)
Sen Dog appears courtesy of Ruffhouse/Colombia Records
MC Skeey appears courtesy of Warner Music Mexico S.A. DE C.V.
Run Time: 4:42

08. Reign & Hurricane G – Padre Nuestro
Written by Jellybean, Ray Basora, Domingo Padilla and Gloriee Rodriguez
Produced by Domingo for Deranged Funk Productions.
Published by House of Fun Music (BMI)/Stingray Music, (ASCAP)/Deranged Music/Jumping Bean Songs, L.L.C. (BMI)
Reign and Hurricane appear courtesy of H.O.L.A. Recordings, L.L.C.
Run Time: 3:37

09. Juan Perro – Historia De La Radio
Vocals: Santiago Auseron
Electric Guitar John Parsons
Tres Cubano/Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals: Pancho Amat
Double Bass/Backing Vocals: Javier Colina
Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals: Moises Porro
Written by S. Auseron (Lyrics)
S. Auseron/M. Porro (Music)
Produced by Santiago Auseron.
Recorded by Virgillo Fernandez & Guillermo Quero at Red Led, Madrid, August 1996.
Executive Producer: Miguel Jimenez from Furia Latina
Coordination: Luz Auseron & Ashley De Sancho
Publishing courtesy of Animal Musik
This is a Nueva Sociedad Lirica production
Juan Perro appears courtesy of BMG entertainment Spain, S.A.
Run Time: 4:27

10. Geggy Tah And King Chango – Whoever You Are
Written by T. Jordan and G. Kurstin
Spanish Version: Andrew Blanco
Vocals/Pocket Trumpet/Bass/Sqeaky Wheel/Melody/Owl Alignments/Dashboard Drumming: Tommy Jordan
M3 Organ/Button Organ Bass/Guitars/Clavinet/Backing Vocals/Drum Programming: Greg Kurstin
Raggamuffin: Blanquito Man
Cuatro: Luis Blanco
Gongo/Ring-Modulated Cowbell: Fernando Velez
Additional Screams: Kat, Fernando, Andres, Tommy and Blanquito Man
Additional Guitar: Arto Lindsay
Bass: Glenda Lee
Produced and mixed by Andres Levin, Pat Dillet and Tommy Jordan
Rubber-Dubbed and mixed at Kampo, NY
Assistant Engineer: Kenji Shimoda
Publishing courtesy of and © 1996 Nuda Music Publishing (BMI)
Very special thanks to Yale Evelev and Greg Weeks.
Geggy Tah and King Chango appear courtesy of Luaka Bob/Warner Bros. Records
Run Time: 4:15

11. Cibo Matto – Águas De Março
Águas de Março (Waters of March)
Vocals: Miho Hatori
Keyboards: Yuka Honda
Vocals: Russell Simins
Guitar: Marc Ribot
Bass/Backing Vocals: Sean Lennon
Drums: Dougie Bowne
Trumpet: Dave Douglas
Trombone: Curtis Fowlkes
Backing Vocals: Timo Ellis
Writer: Antonio Carlos Jobim
Produced: Yuka Honda
© 1973 Antonio Carlos Jobim
Published by Corcovado Music Corporation
International copyright secured
All rights reserved
Cibo Matto appear courtesy of Warner Bros. Records
Run Time: 3:18

12. Diego Frenkel (La Portuaria), Aterciopelados & Laurie Anderson – Una Hoja, Una Raiz
Vocals: Diego Frenkel
Vocals: Andrea Echeverri
Violin: Laurie Anderson
Slide Dobro: Gabe Gordon
Bass: Andy Hess
Purcussion: Cyro Baptista
Feedback Drum Loop: Fernado Samalea
Programming/Piano/Acoustic Guitar: C-N-A
Written by D. Frankel, A. Echeverri, H. Buitrago, A. Leven and C. Celli
Produced and Mixed by Andres Levin and Camus Mare Celli for C-N-A Productions Inc.
Assisted by George Evangeliou at Unique and Scott Young at Avatar
Grabado En Svuga Svuga Studios Brooklyn
Unique Recording, NYC.
Mixed at Avatar, NYC
With special thanks to Zoethrall, Darci Fuller and Tony Drootin
Publishing courtesy of the Writers and Diego Frankel (SADAIC), Boneless Music (BMI) and EMI Music/Cool Banana Music (ASCAP)
Diego Frenkel appears courtesy of EMI-Odeon S.AI.C. Argentina Records
Aterciopelados appears courtesy of BMG Aroila De Colombia S.A.
Laurie Anderson appears courtesy of Waner Bros. Records
Run Time: 4:01

13. Rubén Blades- No Te Miento
Vocals: Ruben Blades
Vocals: Horacio Valdes
Vocals/Bass: David Bianco
Vocals: Ibon Gamecho
Guitars: Javier Antelo
Peruvian Caja/Percussion: Lionel Aleman
Written by Horacio Valdes, David Bianco, Javier Antelo and Lionel Aleman
Produced by Ruben Blades
Engineered by Roberto Delgado at Origen S.A. Panama
Mixed by Roberto Delgado, Gallco Enterprises Inc. NY
Publishing courtesy of Ruben Blades Publishing
Ruben Blades appears courtesy of Sony Music International
Run Time: 4:15

14. Melissa Etherudge – Sin Tener A Donde Ir
Written by Melissa Etheridge
Produced by Hugh Padgham and Melissa Etheridge
Engineered by Hugh Pagham
Mixed by Hugh Padgham
Recorded at A&M Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Assistant Engineer: John Aguto
Mixed at Royaltone Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Remixed by Greg Goldman
Translation by Jose Quintna
Special thanks to Gisela E. Vatcky-Thoma
Publishing courtesy of M.L.E. Music, Inc. (ASCAP) All rights administered by Almo Music Corp. For the world.
Original version of ‘Nowhere To Go’ appears on the Island album ‘Your Little Secret’ (314-524 154-2/4)
Melissa Etheridge appears courtesy of Island Recprds, Inc.
Run Time: 4:15

15. Andrés Calamaro – Cosas Que Me Ayudan A Olvidar
Written by Andres Calamaro
Produced by Andres Calamaro
Engineered/Mixed by Eduardo Ruiz
Recorded and Mixed at Sintonia Studios, Madrid
Publishing courtesy of Grabaciones Encontradas S.L.
Andre Calamaro appears courtesy of Dro East West, S.A.
Run Time: 3:57

16. La Ley – You Come And Go
Vocals: Alberto Cuevas
Keys: Rodrigo Aboitiz
Drums: Mauricio Claveria
Guitars: Pedro Frugone
Bass: Luciano Rojas
Solo Guitar: Tim Pierce
Written by Rodrigo Abotiz, Alberto Cuevas, Mauricio Claveria, Pedro Frugone and Luciano Rojas (La Lay)
Produced by KC Porter and La Ley
Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood, CA.
Worldbeat Recording, Calabasa, CA.
Mixed at Conway Studios, CA.
Engineers: Steve Sykes, John Karpowich and Jorge Esteban
© 1996 Warner/Chappell
La Ley appears courtesy of Warner Music Mexico S.A. DE C.V.
Run Time: 5:18

17. Víctimas Del Doctor Cerebro – Venas
Vocals/Keys: Abulon
Horns: Chipotle
Guitar: Stone Face
Bass: Tuco
Drums: Ruly
Written by Abulon
Produced by Jorge ‘Chiquis’ Amaro
Executive Producer: Jorge Mondragon
Recorded at Cuarto De Manuinas, Mexico DF.
Engineer: Leonardo Granados
Mixed at Madhatter Studio, L.A.
Mix Engineer: Steve Sykes
Coordination: Graciela Contreras
Publishing courtesy of the writers
Victimas Del Doctor Cerebro appear courtesy of EMI Music Mexico, S.A. DE C.V.
Run Time: 4:15

18. Sepultura – War
Written by Colin Eric Allen and Carelton Barrett
Produced by Ross Robinson
Co-Produced by Sepultura
Mixed by Ross Robinson
Published by Marley Music Ltd.
Admin. by Polygram International Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) and Island Music Ltd.
Sepultura appear courtesy of Roadrunner Records (p) 1996 The All Blacks B.V.
Run Time: 4:32

“This is the tenth project produced by the Red Hot Organization to raise money and awareness to stop the spread of HIV. The virus believed to cause damage to the human immune system called AIDS.

Silencio=Muerte – Along with Red Hot+Rio, a tribute to Anotonio Carlos Jobim and Brazillian pop music – is a deliberate attempt to deal with AIDS in Latin America. The World Health Organization estimates almost twice as many cases of HIV in South America than in the North. AIDS is now a truely global problem, a pandemic greater than any other in human history.

The philosophy behind all of the Red Hot Organization projects is not to write essays preaching the evil of AIDS and proscibing what is good or bad behavior. Our mission is to make great music that brings joy and happiness to our hearts and helps lift us above the unavoidable hardships of life. We continue our struggle to make records because we believe music is a great medium to communicate a message about safe sex and social tolerance.

Even though there is not yet a cure and AIDS continues to burn like a wild fire around the world, it is a preventable disease. Using a latex condom when engaging in vaginal or anal intercourse is a relatively simple precaution compared to the mortal risk of HIV infection. The other primary mode of passing the virus is through unclean needles, so, if you are an injection drug user, clean your works and don’t share needles.

the title of this album was taken from a slogan created by the oldest and most successful AIDS activist group in the United States, Act Up. Silencio=Muerte cuts to the hearts of AIDS awareness. Too many people have suffered and died because of simple information about prevention has not been available and misinformation and prejudice surrounding AIDS has made a health crisis into a vast social tragedy. We hope that the joyful noise emanating from this album will start to break the silence surrounding AIDS in Latin America and help people come together to fight this terrible disease.”

“Special thanks to H.O.L.A. Records, Ken Baumstein, Marcella Busacca-Mazuro, Al Butter, Leslie Green, Laura Rinaldi

Additional Red Hot Staff: Alice, Acemyan, Grace Harry, Paul Heck, Shari Levine, Maria Lovette, Heather Maidat

Record Hot Would Like to express it;s deep gratitute to all of the artists, producers, labels, songwriters and music publishers who donated their time and talent to this project.

Music Publishing generously donated by and courtesy of Writers and Music Publishers as indicated

This is the tenth in a series of AIDS awareness and fundraising projects by The Red Hot Organization. To Date, these efforts have donated over six million dollars to AIDS organisations around the world.

Thanks: Renee Dossick, Act-Up, Francisco Acuna, Ivan Alvarez, Aninina Nosei Gallery, Javier Andrade, Mario Arenas, Bocha, Kathy Boditch, Joan Bolvin, Daniel Borner, Gustavo Borner, Pieto Carlos, Gloria Cavalera, Ivano Leon Cavallo, Delia & Kevin Alejo Cookman (En Memoria A Felin), Julio Correala, Lisa Cortes, Dro, Eagle Travel Echo NYC, Kat Egan, Yale Evelev, Heidi Fener, Barry Fiedel, Ze Fortes, Bruno Del Granado, Manuel Gil, Mark GoldStein, Monica Johnson, David Kirby, Lynne Kirkwood, Steve Kravac, Nicolas Landa, Virginia Lazalde, Robbie Lear, Roger Lian, Jeff Liebenson, Michael Ludwig, Chip McLean, Jorge Mondragon, Nandy Mraz, David Newgarden, Manuel Ocampo, Jason Prohaska, Adam Rithelz, Pablo ‘chino’ Rodriguez, Alejandro Sanfuentesm Paula Sartorius, Melissa Sibbison, Rick Streicker, Steve Sykes, Natalie Stawsky Omar Veitra, Veronica, Larry White, Drew Whol, Bernadette Williams, Nydia Yera.”

“Cover Image: Manuel Ocampo (p) 1996, courtesy of The Annina Nosei Gallery, NYC
Design: Helene Silverman/Hello Studio

DISC: (p)&© 1996 The Red Hot Organization, under license to H.O.L.A. Recordings, L.L.C. Manufactured and distributed by Polygram Latino U.S., a division of Polygram records, Inc., and Island Records, Inc. Each a Polygram company, 825 Eigth Ave. New York, NY. All Rights reserved. Unauthorized hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. Made in U.S.A. REAR: [in addition to tracklisting and disc info] A benefit to fight AIDS in Spanish language communities around the world.”

Cover Image: Manuel Ocampo (p) 1996, courtesy of The Annina Nosei Gallery, NYC
Design: Helene Silverman/Hello Studio

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