V/A feat. Coldcut – Die Welle: Original Soundtrack (CD, GERMANY)

25 March 2008 Phantom Sound & Vision
01. Die Welle – Intro
02. El*ke – Rock’n’roll High School
03. The Subways – Rock & Roll Queen
04. Johnossi – Execution Song
05. Kilians – Fight The Start
06. Empty Trash – Garden Of Growing Hearts (Radio Edit)
07. Orange But Green – Spending My Time
08. Kilians – Short Life Of Margott
09. Coldcut – Everything Is Under Control
10. Ronda Ray Feat. Markie J – Bored
11. Digitalism – Home Zone
12. Ronda Ray Feat. Trevor Jackson – Move It!
13. Bonobo – Nightlite
14. Jan Plewka – Was Dich So Verändert Hat
15. Heiko Maile – Arrested
16. Ronda Ray Feat. Trevor Jackson – Power Control
17. Heiko Maile – Climbing Up The Tower
18. Heiko Maile – Sending Out An SMS
19. Heiko Maile – Swimming
20. Heiko Maile – White Shirts
21. Heiko Maile – Dark School
V/A feat. Die Welle: Original Soundtrack (CD, GERMAMY)
CD soundtrack for the film Die Welle [The Wave] featuring Everything Is Under Control by Coldcut with Jon Spencer which was commercially released as a single on CD, 7″, 12″ which all feature slightly different artwork. This single appears on the album Sound Mirrors and later on the CD/DVD set Sound Mirrors: Videos and Remixes.
09. Coldcut – Everything is Under Control
Writers: Black, More, Ladd and Spencer
Published by Just Isn’t Music, Like Madd Music, (SESAC), Patrica Ann Music (BMI)
Vocals and Guitar: Jon Spencer
Rap: Mike Ladd (Courtesy of K7)
Backing Vocals: Dom Spitzer (Space Shuttle Vacancies)
Bass: Patrick Carpenter
Pre-Production, Engineering and Mix: Roy Merchant at The Dairy, Brixton
Additional Engineering: Al Mawdsley at Sound Authority
Production Assistance: Ross Allen for Casual Productions
Production Engineer: Jamie Hogg
Produced: Coldcut
Mastered: John Dent www.loudmastering.com
ARTWORK: [unknown]

BARCODE: [unknown]

MATRIX: [unknown]