V/A feat. Heavy Trash – Keep Cool, Stay Crunchy (FLYER, DENMARK)

2005 Crunchy Frog

V/A feat. Heavy Trash - Keep Cool, Stay Crunchy (FLYER, DENMARK) V/A feat. Heavy Trash - Keep Cool, Stay Crunchy (FLYER, DENMARK)

CD booklet-sized fold-out flyer featuring biography information on Crunchy Frog artists. Includes a short piece on Heavy Trash.

Crunchy Frog also issued a ‘Keep Cool, Stay Crunchy’ 24 track CD compilation with the same cover artwork.

Keep Cool, Stay Crunchy

The supreme flavours of indie rock and pop from the finest record label in the Universe.

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Heavy Trash
The Mopeds
The Raveonettes
The Tremolo Beer Gut
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Behind the enigmatic name hides a quartet of talented musicians that very quickly have established themselves as the most interesting new band on the Danish indie-scene. The new album “Mafia” delivers everything that their critically acclaimed debut “Dexter Fox” promised – and more! Unique homemade sounds, roaring noisy pop, understated electronica, bog/girl vocals, alternative country distinct poetic and even politically charged lyrics. Experiment and beauty is effortlessly combined in EPO-555.

Crunchy Releases: Dexter Fox (album), Mafia (album)


Innovative pop music sprinkled with guitars and synth sounds of yesteryear. Sterling is the first Crunchy Frog band singing in Danish. The 4 guys are not only handsome and well-mannered but also gifted with a playful and poetic stance towards both their native language and the backlogs of rock – somewhere in between Beach Boys, Pixies and Danish band Kliche. In 2006 Sterling will release their second album – we can’t wait.

Crunchy Releases: Solo Danser Mama Sjus (album-rerelease), Estadio Camplet (mini-album)


Wolfkin is a new duo from Copenhagen. The music conjures strong images. Half organic, half electronic. The sounds of analogue keyboards from the 80s; soundtracks from the 70s; psychedelic references from the 60s and decadent pop melodies from all ages – combined with layered and somewhat disturbing lyrics, where beauty reveals itself as a cover for a stirring undertone of luring darkness.

Junior Senior

The duo’s first album “D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop the Beat” made all the world dance and believe again that rock and roll can be fun, colourful and cool. Now Jr Sr is BACK in grand style with the sophomore album “Hey Hey My My Yo Yo”. With a stunning ear for hooks and riffs Junior Senior combine a multitude of inspirations from old school R’N’B, hip hop, rock and pop in a wonderful mix that is entirely their own.

Crunchy Releases: D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop the Beat (album), Move Your Feet (single), Boy Meets Girl (ep), Itch You Can’t Scratch (7-inch single), Hey Hey My My Yo Yo (album)


PowerSolo is the cousin from the countryside that burps at the table and farts in church. You can’t help but love them for their funloving rambunctious over the top approach to the American roots musical heritage. Country and western, rockabilly, garage, blues and even mariachi influences find its way into the powerful cocktail that is PowerSolo. The summer of 2006 will see the release of their much anticipated “Egg” album.

Crunchy Releases: It’s Raceday…and you pu..y is GUT!!! (album), Snot Dum (ep)

Heavy Trash

Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray are the NOW sound of rockabilly! Heavy Trash is the perfect soundtrack for boozy all-night throw downs, pettin’ parties and psychedelic fright shows. Mr. Spencer, of course, is the most exciting performer in rock ‘n’ roll today. And with six razor-sharp strings, Mr. Verta-Ray carved these songs from raw tombstone and committed them to tape in his Lower East Side studio, The result is … HEAVY TRASH

The Mopeds

Hailing from Malmo – the music capital of Sweden – The Mopeds are experienced producers and musicians running their own Gula recording studio. Here they recorded the smash debut of Franz Ferdinand, Junior Senior’s latest album and of course their own albums. The recent album shows the band in rare form. Bold, strong and LOUD as the title ‘Fortissimo’ suggests. Great alternative pop songs with off beat witty lyrics and an expanded line-up including LOUD guitar and baritone saxophone.

Crunchy Releases: Steppin’ On Fire (single), The Land of the Three (album), FORTISSIMO (album)

The Tremolo Beer Gut

Ice cold instrumental low fidelity old school surf ‘n’ western is what the Gut has to offer, and you’d better take it and be grateful. They released the first mono album of the new millennium and they insist on recording music using only vintage, analogue and good looking technology. An all star cast of Sun W from the Raveonettes, Nanla from To the International, Yebo from THAU and Junior Senior, Jengo from Trains and Boats and Planes and Per Sunding from Eggstone + guest stars such as Mr. Jon Spencer himself.

Crunchy Releases: The Inebriated Sounds of… (album), Under The Influence of… (album), From The Vinyl Archives of… (ep)

The Superheroes

This six-piece indie pop outfit is the home base of singer and main songwriter Thomas Troelsen. He and his merry bandmates released the first Superheroes album at age 16 in 1998 and are scheduled to release their fourth LP during 2006. Troelsen has during the last few years established himself as an accomplished producer and is by the way the world famous voice from the chorus of Junior Senior’s “Move Your Feet”.

Crunchy Releases: See You At The Railroads (ep), Dancing Casanova (album), Johnny and I (ep), Igloo (album), Las Vegas (ep), Turn Me On (ep), Superheroes (album), The Ocean Diver (ep)

Other bands and records from the Crunchy catalogue:

The Raveonettes: The first two albums of Sune Wagner and Sharin Foo offer sweet sweet pop dressed in white noise and dark lyrics. The initial classic Crunch Frog releases established The Raveonettes as a world class and highly original band. As they journey on they remain a part of the crisp family.

Crunchy Releases: Whip It On (mini-album), Chain Gang of Love (album), Heartbreak Stroll/The Christmas Song (ep)

Thau: The founders of the label. Ranging from the very noisy and borderline avant garde to almost pop selections, always with melody, intelligence and humour.

Crunchy Releases: Utah (album), Daddy Steals Upon the West German Deutschmark (mini-album), Swish (album), All It Takes Is Everything (album)

Learning From Las Vegas: Poignant and personal indie pop that touch your heart and soul and stays with you for a long time.

Crunchy Releases: Ten Thousand Songs (single), Memory Babe (album), Petit Bourgeois (album), Richard and Liz (album)

To the International: Playful experimental rock music for the new generation.

Crunchy Releases: Candy’s Speech (album), Steak (album), The Slow Light Theory (album)

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