V/A feat. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Music Mix 3: Alternative Scene (VIDEO CD, CHINA)

2003 Panorama PMVCD310192
01. Blur – Coffee and TV
02. Beastie Boys – Three MC’s and One DJ
03. Luscious Jackson – Lady Fingers
04. Gomez – We Haven’t Turned Around
05. The Ataris – Teenage Riot
06. The Amps – Tip City
07. Buffalo Tom – Tangerine
08. Nada Surf – Popular
09. Bush – The Chemical Between
10. Fastball – Out Of My Head
11. Creed – Higher
12. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
– Talk About The Blues
V/A feat. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Music Mix 3: Alternative Scene (VIDEO CD, CHINA) - Cover
Retrospective Video CD compilation with card outer-sleeve issued in 2003 features Talk About The Blues by The Jon Spencer Blues Exploison from the album Acme.

From a series of themed Video CD’s. Each video on Music Mix 3 is introduced by Jay Siedl. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are incorrectly referred to as ‘Jon Spencer and The Blues Explosion’ (by presenter) and ‘John Spencer Explosion’ (screen text).

The artwork incorrectly lists the Blues Explosion as track 6. The outer-sleeve cover text is embossed.

Issued on DVD in the US.

12. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Talk About The Blues
[These credits are taken from ‘Talk About The Blues (CD, UK)’]
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Published: Spencer/Explosion © 1998 (Dirty Shirt, BMI)
Studios: Drama, Electrical, RPM, Greene Street, Waterworks, Dub Narcotic, Big House
Mastering: Andy VanDette and Howie Weinberg at MasterDisk
Recorded: Suz Dyer, Calvin Johnson and Greg Talenfeld
Mixed: Dan the Automator
Noises: Rick Lee
Scratching: Automator
“Music Mix 3 Alternative Scene. Yesterday’s Alternative are todays revered acts. Music Mix 3 features bands that have stepped out of the side-line into the limelight. Hosted by Music Mix USA’s Jay Siedl.”

CARD SLEEVE COVER: Lists artists (using embossed text) and the title.

CARD SLEEVE REAR: Barcode, Sleeve Notes, tracklisting, Panorama, Life Size and Music Mix logos and the following text: “Package artwork and design: © 2003 Panorama Entertainment. All rights reserved. Manufactured and exclusively distrobuted by Panorama Distributions Co, LTD. www.panorama.com.hk
Video CD Digital Stereo Approx. 46 mins
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CD CASE COVER: Barcode, screen shots from videos, Panorama, Life Size and Music Mix logos along with the following text:

“Coffee and TV
Virgin Records

Three MC’s and One DJ
Beastie Boys
Grand Royal / Capitol Records

Lady Fingers
Luscious Jackson
Grand Royal / Capitol Records

We Haven’t Turned Around
Virgin Records

Teenage Riot
The Ataris
Kung Fu Records

Talk About The Blues
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Matador Records

Tip City
The Amps
Elektra Records

Buffalo Tom
East West Records

Nada Surf
Elektra Records

The Chemical Between
Trauma Records

Out Of My Head
Hollywood Records

Wind-Up Records”

CD CASE REAR: Lists artists and the title.

DISC: “Music Mix 3, Alternative Scene, Package Artwork and Design © 2003 Panorama Entertainment. All rights reserved, manufactured and exclusively distributed by Panorama distributions Co. Ltd. www.panorama.com.hk, unauthorized public performance, broadcasting, copying and lending of this video disc is strictly prohibited, PMVCD310192 [Life Size, Music Mix USA, Digital Sound, Video CD, Panorama logos]”

ARTWORK: “Package Artwork and Design © 2003 Panorama Entertainment”

BARCODE: 4 895033 736738