V/A feat. Mama Rosin – Moi J’Connais Records Sampler (CD, SWITZERLAND)

30 March 2013 Moi J’Connais Records
01. Boozoo Chavis – Oh Ho She’s Gone
02. Blind Blake – Jones (Oh Jones)
03. City Ramblers Skiffle Group
04. Chapter – Southern Nights
05. V. Manti & Duo Lavilla – Stornelli alla Ghiamota
06. Sevdah Dragi Moj – Srdo Moj
07. Honshu Wolves – Homegoing
08. Jessie Mae Hemphill – Jessie’s Boogie
09. Eartha Kitt – Angelitos Negros
10. Os Brazilos – Carolina, Carol Bela
11. Eden Ahbez – The Old Boat
12. Precious Bryant – It’s Alright
13. Algia Mae Hinton – I Ain’t The One You Love
14. Mr Airplane Man – Jesus On The Mainline
15. Mama Rosin – Assis Sur Le Somset du Monda
16. Shady and the Vamp – Kickin You Out
17. Human Explosion – Outside of it All
18. Trionyx – Blues IV
19. Alain Peters – Caloubadla (1981)
V/A feat. Mama Rosin - Moi J'Connais Records Sampler (CD, SWITZERLAND)
Compilation featuring Sittin’ On Top of The World from the Mama Rosin album Bye Bye Bayou.

Bye Bye Bayou was recorded at NY Hed with Matt Verta-Ray and Jon Spencer in November 2011 and released on black vinyl and CD with the expanded Directors Cut edition being released in June 2013.

15. Mama Rosin – Assis Sur Le Somset du Monda
Trad. arranged by Mama Rosin
Mama Rosin are:
Robin Girod
Xavier Bray
Cyril Yeterian

Produced/Mixed: Jon Spencer
Recorded: Matt Verta-Ray
Recorded at NY Hed, New York, US
Mastered: Ivan Julian

ARTWORK: [unknown]

BARCODE: [unknown]

MATRIX: [unknown]