V/A feat. R.L. Burnside – Eastbound & Down (2xCD, US)

23 April 2012 Fat Possum FPI262-2
Disc One:
01. Freddie King – Going Down
02. Make Her Cum [Dialogue]
03. The Black Keys – Your Touch
04. Strangeloves – Night Time
05. Brenton Wood – Oogum Boogum Song
06. I Sell Kias [Dialogue]
07. Too Short – Blow The Whistle
08. Two Hard Rules [Dialogue]
09. The Stooges – Down On The Street
10. Sucking Your Dream’s Dick [Dialogue]
11. The Animals – Sky Pilot
12. Ram Jam – Black Betty
13. Undaunted [Dialogue]

Disc Two:
01. Lil Wyte – Fucked Up
02. Los Monstruos – El Monstros, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
03. Fuck You Mr. Schaeffer [Dialogue]
04. R.L. Burnside – Goin’ Down South
05. Whore With A Regular Heart [Dialogue]
06. Kenny Rogers – Love Will Turn You Around
07. Neil, Not Toby [Dialogue]
08. MC5 – Miss X
09. Panochas [Dialogue]
10. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra Featuring Nino Moschella – Kiss The Sky
11. Child Molesters At Chuck E. Cheese [Dialogue]
12. Lee Hazlewood – Think I’m Coming Down
13. Make a Deal / Deal Closers [Dialogue]
14. The Slits – I Heard It Through the Grapevine
15. Big Ups / The End [Dialogue]

Double CD soundtrack for Eastbound & Down featuring Goin’ Down South by R.L. Burnside.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion collaborated with R.L. Burnside on the album A Ass Pocket of Whiskey and songs Alice May and Highway 7 released on his 1997 album Mr Wizard.

INFO: “Anyone who was wondering when the ultimate mix tape of the new millennium would finally show up need wonder no longer: It’s here.

Or it will be, on April 24 when Fat Possum Records scores big with the two-disc release of the Eastbound & Down Soundtrack, a collection of straight up classics – old and new alike – handpicked by the man, the myth, and legend in his own mind Kenny Powers, who drops over-the-top nuggets of wisdom that will be prized as much as the music on this high-energy compilation. And that’s saying loads since the soundtrack, which includes music and dialogue from the show’s three seasons, features primo jams from top shelfers like The Black Keys, Too $hort, The Stooges, MC5, R.L. Burnside, Kenny Rogers and Lee Hazlewood. On top of all that, the record’s liner notes are written by Kenny’s own personal boy wonder and sidekick, Stevie Janowski.

HBO’s raucous comedy Eastbound & Down is the story of the rise and fall (and fall, and fall…) of former pitcher Kenny Powers as he navigates life after the Big Leagues as a washed up baseball star who hasn’t come to grips with the “washed up” part yet. With an insufferable ego, self-destructive behavior and penchant for profanity, Powers (played to perfection by Danny McBride), is often unlovable, but always entertaining. From the twisted comedic minds of executive producers Will Ferrell, Chris Henchy, Adam McKay, Jody Hill and McBride, the show’s popularity has created a loyal and enthusiastic following that surged over its first two seasons. Eastbound & Down is back for more innings, with the third season currently airing Sunday nights at 10:00p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on HBO. ”

R.L. Burnside – Goin’ Down South
Writer: Burnside
Published: Mocking Bird Music (BMI)
Vocals/Guitar: R.L. Burnside
Guitar: Kenny Brown
Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals/Casio SK-1: Judah Bauer
Drums: Russell Simins
Guitar/Vocals/Drums/Theremin: Jon Spencer
Recorded on the afternoon of 2-6-96 at Lunati Farms in Holly Springs, MS.
Produced: Matthew Johnson
Recorded: Bruce Watson
Mixed/Sequenced at Waterworks, Tuscon, AZ by Jim Waters and Judah Bauer
Assisted by Saylor Breckenridge
“It’s a musical journey into the spirit and soul of an American legend. Of course, anyone who knows Kenny Powers can tell you that nothing as crude and inarticulate as music can ever capture the spirit of a man the Mexicans christened “La Flama Blanca.”

After all, we’re talking about an individual who is more cock than Cock Rock, more hip than Hip-Hop, more black than the Blues. A dude who’s more outlaw than Outlaw Country, and more circuit-bending than Industrial Grindcore artists like Godflesh.

We’re talking about Kenny Fucking Powers, the Reverse Apache Master, the Shelby Sensation, the People’s Champion, My Best Goddamn Friend. A man who doesn’t just march to the beat of his own drum– he chokes out the drummer and has sex with the drummer’s wife. Then he cums in her face and I bet she probably east it and blows cum bubbles and stuff.

So yeah. That guy. No music on earth or in the known galaxy can match the passion and effortless sexy-cool of this modern day folk hero. God broke the mold when He made him.

So to be perfectly clear: each and every song on this album is unworthy of Kenny Powers. Each cut is undeserving of his name, likeness, or legacy. With that being said, what you’re looking at is the best we’ve got.

Each track is hand-picked by The Man himself. That’s right. This is the music that Kenny Powers rocks out to when he’s getting ready in the morning. This is the music Kenny Powers listens to in the late hours, when the night terrors come and we are all children again. This is the music Kenny Powers fucks bitches to.

Listen, learn, and live vicariously. If it’s good enough for Kenny, it’s sure as fuck good enough for the likes of you. So savor the moment, dear reader. This is the closest you’ll ever come to having a mixed tape from an icon.

One Love, dicksuckers.

– Stevie Janowski, 02/19/12″

ARTWORK: Layout + Design: B. Seavers for AudioGraphic Masterworks

BARCODE: 7 64981 12622 7

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