V/A feat. Russell Simins – Nonstop World Tour 00 (CD, US)

2000 Nordstrom Brass 46522 6
01. Supreme Beings of Leisure – Strange Love Addiction
02. Saint Etienne – Heart Failed (Future Shock Mix)
03. Puracane – Not Today
04. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Dear Mr. Salesman
05. Titan – Corazon
06. Verbrilli Sound – Descender
07. Arling and Cameron – How About the Boys
08. Russell Simins – World Over
09. Bahamadia – Common Wealth
10. Morcheeba – World Looking In
11. Strange Voices – All Right For Now
12. Ladytron – Playgirl
V/A feat. Russell Simins - Nordstrom Brass Nonstop World Tour 00 (CD, US)
Compilation CD including World Over from the Russell Simins album Public Places.

08. Russell Simins – World Over
Recorded and Mixed in New York City at The Astoria Lounge, Greene Street Recording and The Magic Shop.
Mastered by Howie Weinberg and sequenced by Andy Van Dette at Masterdisk, N.Y.C.
All Songs Published: © 2000 Publishing Designee
Writer: Simins
Drums/Guitar/Vocals: Russell Simins
Bass: Rick Lee
Programming/Guitar: Chris Shaw
Produced: Russell Simins
Mixed: Chris Shaw
ARTWORK: [no details]


MATRIX: “AD/CA 46522 6 (10160) NONSTOPWT00”