V/A feat. Spencer Dickinson – Leak: New Music From Red Eye Distribution [Promo] (CD, US)

2006 Red Eye n/a
01. Dirty on Purpose – No Radio
02. Maritime – Twins
03. Professor Murder – Champion
04. Blood Feathers – Sea Legs
05. Grizzly Bear – Deep Sea Dive
06. Eagle+Seagull – Photograph
07. Die Princess Die – Check
08. Oddateee – Clockwork
09. Intellekt and Dirty Digits – Phenom.mental
10. Spencer Dickinson – Zigaboo
11. Corrina Repp – I’ll Walk You Out
12. The Vibration – Muscle Memory
13. Asobi Seksu – Strawberries
14. David and the Citizens – New Direction
15. Joan of Arc – Living Out in the Sea of Umbrellas
16. Space Needle – Before I Lose My Style
17. Russian Circles – Death Rides a Horse
V/A feat. Spencer Dickinson - Leak: New Music From Red Eye Distribution [Promo] (CD, US)
Compilation including the Spencer Dickinson track Zigaboo, originally released on their self titled album (2001) and later The Man Who Lives For Love (2006).
10. Spencer Dickinson – Zigaboo
Drums/Washboard/Guitar/Bass: Cody Dickinson
Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Mandolin: Luther Dickinson
Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Stylophone/Percussion/Piano/Organ/Synthesizer/Trombone: Jon Spencer
Produced: Jim Dickinson and Jon Spencer.
Recorded: Kevin Houston at the Zebra Ranch, Coldwater, MS.
Mastered: Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering
The good word by Mike Edison
Writers: Spencer/Dickinson/Dickinson
(c) Patricia Ann Music/North Mississippi Music Co (BMI)
Mixed: Jon and Bil Emmons at the Funhouse, NYC.
Run Time: 3:01
ARTWORK: [unknown]


MATRIX: [unknown]