V/A feat. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Green Room (2xCD, AUSTRIA)

1998 Everlasting Records EVER2CD98
1.01. Swell – Everything Is Good
1.02. Six By Seven – Young Man’s Stride
1.03. Jack – Lolita Elle
1.04. Mojave 3 – Some Kinda Angel
1.05. Pixies – Wild Honey Pie
1.06. Buffalo Tom – Postcard
1.07. Hefner – Flowers
1.08. Mark Lanegan – Stay
1.09. The Delgados – The Weaker Argument Defeats The Stronger
1.10. Lisa Germano – Tomorrowing
1.11. Luna – Everybody’s Talkin’ (Live)
1.12. Kristin Hersh – Whole Heap Of Little Horses
1.13. Come – Saints Around My Neck
1.14. Groop Dogdrill – Lovely Skin
1.15. Royal Trux – Money For Nothing

2.01. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Magical Colors
2.02. Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde
2.03. Mau Cuba – Cross The Line
2.04. Gus Gus – Barry (Remix)
2.05. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Edit)
2.06. Barry Adamson – What It Means (Skylab A Smokin’ Japanese We’re Chicken In Moss Side Mix)
2.07. Mucho Macho – The Airport Freeze
2.08. Bis – Eurodisco
2.09. Grasshopper And The Golden Crickets – Silver Balloons
2.10. Fun-Da-Mental – Jah Sha Taan
2.11. Moby – Honey (Edit)
2.12. The Charlatans – Patrol (The Chemical Brothers Mix)
2.13. Muki – Shine
2.14. Cornershop – Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook Remix Single Version (Brighton))
2.15. Venus Ray – Troubletown

Compilation featuring Talk About The Blues from The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion album Acme.

The song Talk About The Blues was written as a direct response to a Rolling Stone review of Now I Got Worry and Q&A with Jon Spencer.

The review asked “what right young, white boys have to play the blues, the scribe opined that “Spencer’s faux backwoods drawl verges on minstrel-show insult.”

What actually sent Spencer off, however, was a tamer Rolling Stone Q&A, in which he answered earnest queries about how a New Hampshire boy fresh from sneering punk deconstructionists Pussy Galore fell for the authentic blues music of Hound Dog Taylor and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

After the interview – perhaps feeling his authenticity in question, perhaps frustrated that the soul, funk and hip-hop sides of his band get overlooked because of the name Blues Explosion – Spencer sat down and wrote “Talk About The Blues.”

[This text is from a CMJ New Music Monthly article titled ‘Acme Blues Explosives, INC’.]

The song lyric features a the line “I do not play no blues, I play rock and roll” which, of course, is a reference to the album I Do Not Play No Rock ‘n’ Roll by Mississippi Fred McDowell.

In a later Rolling Stone interview Jon Spencer said “I’d rather be known as a rock & roller. I mean we don’t really play blues. How would you describe it? It’s the exact opposite of Mississippi Fred McDowell. He’d always say, “I do not play no rock & roll.” He had a record called that, too.”

Talk About The Blues appears on the album Acme and was commercially released as single on 7″ (UK), CD (UK/US) and 12″ (UK/US).

2.01. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Magical Colors
Spencer/Explosion © 1998 (Dirty Shirt, BMI)
© 1999 Spencer/Explosion
Studios: Electrical, RPM, Greene Street, Waterworks, Dub Narcotic
Mastering: Andy VanDette and Howie Weinberg at MasterDisk
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Recorded: Suz Dyer, Calvin Johnson and Greg Talenfeld
Mixed: Dan the Automator
Noises: Rick Lee
Scratching: Automator

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