V/A feat . The Tremolo Beer Gut – A Decade of Crunchy Music: A Sonic Leap… (2xCD, DENMARK)

1 November 2004 Crunchy Frog FROG 038-2
01. EPO-555 – Pre-emptive Stroke
02. Powersolo – Juanito
03. The Raveonettes – That Great Love Sound
04. Junior Senior – Rhythm Bandits
05. The Mopeds – Steppin’ On Fire
06. Düreforsög – Beach
07. The Tremolo Beer Gut – Clayton’s Hotrod
08. Superheroes – Someone Else
09. Naked – Wallpaper Song
10. Learning From Las Vegas – Yale Keys
11. Tothe International – Momma, I’m A Communist
12. THAU – Awestruck

01. EPO-555 – L’art Pour La Fart
02. Powersolo – Fertilizer Baby
03. The Raveonettes – Do You Believe Her?
04. Junior Senior – Boy Meets Girl
05. The Mopeds – Special
06. Düreforsög – Space Loneliness
07. The Tremolo Beer Gut – The Worm
08. Superheroes – Miami
09. Naked – Coming On Softly
10. Learning From Las Vegas – Winter Waltz
11. Tothe International – Ripe Fruit
12. THAU – Very Moment
13. EPO-555 – Argentina
14. Powersolo – Party In A Box
15. The Raveonettes – The Christmas Song
16. Junior Senior – Good Girl, Bad Boy
17. The Mopeds – Loveshit
18. Düreforsög – Barking Hotdog
19. The Tremolo Beer Gut – She Said
20. Superheroes – Tell It To Donna
21. Naked – Stoney Heart
22. Learning From Las Vegas – Verbalizer
23. Tothe International – Amazing Maze
24. THAU – Casual

V/A feat . The Tremolo Beer Gut - A Decade of Crunchy Music: A Sonic Leap... (2xCD, DENMARK)
Double CD of Crunchy Frog artists featuring The Tremolo Beer Gut cover of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion song She Said.

“This is Crunchy Frog’s anniversary compilation with music from all of the 12 excellent bands to be released in the first 10 years of Crunchy Frog’s lifetime: epo-555, PowerSolo, The Raveonettes, Junior Senior, The Mopeds, The Tremolo Beer Gut, Düreforsög, Superheroes, Naked, Learning from Las Vegas, Tothe International & THAU. 3 songs from each band: a hit, a Crunchy favourite and a rarity. Includes a cool booklet with loads of pics. A must for any music lover! 36 songs / double album for single album price!” – vibrashop.com

19. The Tremolo Beer Gut – She Said
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Arranged: The Tremelo Beer Gut
Recorded, Played and Produced: The Great Nalna and the Tremelo Beer Gut at Tambourine Studios 2002
CRUNCHY THANX Bands, fans & family

STAFF: Jessi, Soeren, BondeMikkel, Thomas, Mads, Rune, Staalhatten, Frank, Henke, Anders, McGuire, Mikkel1, Simon & Kristoffer.

ART: Staerke Tonny Schmidt, Morten Voight, Christian Moeller Andersen, Micke PMK, John Bau, Martin “Fede Mama” Schioeler, Det Brede C, DoedsTor Slotmann, Kenn André Stilling, Louise Grassow, Ulven, Jakob Strid, Jan Oksboel Callesen, SLRP, Signs & Wonders, Jens Kruse & Martin “Martin Denns Dennark” Dennis.

PHOTO: Jessica Tolf Vulpius, Søren Solkær Starbird, Robin Skjoldborg, Marc Fluri, Jasper Carlberg, Klaus Thyman, Rikke Frisk, Kurt Langer, Wim Wenders, Thomas Busk, Nicolai Howalt, Casper Sejersen, Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir, Lasse Hoile, Morten Holtum & Rikke Petersen née Jensen.

VIDEO: Spild af Tid, Jesper Jon, Peder Pedersen, Anders Morgenthaler, Martin de Thurah, Tor Fruergaard, Rune Mielonen, Adam Hashemi, Jannik Hastrup & Flemming Quist Møller.

ETC: Each and every producer, mixer and engineer responsible for crisp sounds for the crunchy frogs, det spröde net, Anders Gearbox, Jan Schmidt & the Pingo crew, Jim Holm, Thorhallur, Jenni Jet, Midgaards Rud, Martin Theander, Bob Weyersberg, BR, Junko Hamano, Jon Spencer, Ian Zaider, Supervision, Eggstone and Tambourine, Mus & Maend, Hunna & ScoreKim, Ueffeuno, J. Poe, Propdenoppop-Klop, Nikolaj Noerlund, Per No Knox, Knas Tørgaard, Somaboy, Svensk Bonvingkasterforbund, Skovex, Jens Villumsen, Jens Krogh Petersen, Ideal Bar, Michael Ritto, Bob Donnelly, Gunnar and Rosa, MIC-pigerne, Icelandair, Thomas A, Rikke Rask, Skiva, David Barat & Coup Franc, Eddie Ruffett, Morten Bue, Kim Aage Hendrup, Bus Leif, Jan Sneum, Steen Joergensen, Insekt, Manne, Nicklas Johansson, Det Elektriske Barometer, Beat, Marcus Törncrantz, Bjarne R, Henry P, our distributors and licensors all over the world & all VibraCrunch performers.

We probably forgot some very special persons. The true and the great heroes are often the unknown and forgotten. Hit us up for a beer next time you see us around town.

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