Cat Power – Sun (CD, JAPAN)

29 August 2012 Hostess Entertainment BGJ-10155
01. Cherokee
02. Sun
03. Ruin
04. 3,6,9
05. Always On My Own
06. Real Life
07. Human Being
08. Manhattan
09. Silent Machine
10. Nothin But Time
11. Peace And Love
12. Fire
13. Back In The Days (For Christopher Wallace)
14. King Rides By
Japanese CD issue of Sun with three bonus tracks and additional Japanese-language booklet.

“Sun is the first album of original material from Cat Power in over six years. Chan Marshall performed and produced Sun herself in various locations including a studio she built in Malibu.”

“So I got [touring band] the Dirty Delta Blues to come to my house in Malibu and I played them these skeletons in their headphones. I said, “All right, now let’s play along live.” We did that for five months, intermittently. We were touring, and I was trying to get them to be tighter live, so when we returned it would get tighter, too. But it didn’t work out the way I hoped. On the album, “Ruin” is the only song that you hear the band on.”

Judah Bauer is credited with ‘Break Arrangement’ on Cherokee and plays guitar on both Cherokee and Ruin.

Sun is also available as a double LP/CD, deluxe clear vinyl double LP/7″/DL (featuring additional tracks Fire and Back In The Days (For Christopher Wallace)).

Judah Bauer plays guitar on this album, Dark End of the Street and the Jukebox and played in the live band (known as ‘Dirty Delta Blues’).

Promotional-only CDs have been issued for the following Cat Power songs: Aretha, Sing One For Me, Song to Bobby, New York, Ruin and Cherokee.

Produced: Chan Marshall
All Songs: Cat Power
All Instruments: Chan Marshall

Mixed: Zdar

Engineered: Jef Dominguez
And: Mike Lza, Marc Leel Drew Manne, Brian Lebarton, Phillip Broussard Jr., Bastien “Beastie Vee” Vandevelde, Rick Bryant, Matt Knoble, Alex Graupera, Alyssa Pittaluga.

Assistant Engineers: Julien Naudin,
Bastien “Beastie Vee”,
And: Jon Tehel, Alyssa Pittalugam Alex Graupera, Joe Brady, Nick Brown, Jordan Boulay, Chris Warren.

Beat Samples: Supplied by Marc Lee

Recorded at: Motorbass/Paris, South Beach Studios/Miami, Bison/Malibu, The Boat/Silverlake.

01. Cherokee
Bass: Erik Paparazzi
Additional Guitar: Judah Bauer

03. Ruin
Break Arrangement: Judah Bauer
Drums: Jim White
Bass: Erik Paparazzi
Piano: Gregg Foreman
Guitar: Judah Bauer

05. Always On My Own
Engineer: Brian Lebarton

10. Nothin But Time
Additional Vocals: Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop apperars courtesy of Thousand Mile Inc.

11. Peace And Love
Additional Arranging: Jef Dominguez

Special Thanks to Lucia & Iggy

Thank You

ARTWORK: [no details given on sleeve]

BARCODE: 4 582214 508757

MATRIX: “A2721PO 55101-JGB IFPI L304”