Coldcut – Sound Mirrors [Promo] (CD, UK)

30 January 2006 Ninja Tune ZENCD115P
01. Everything Is Under Control
02. True Skool
03. Man In A Garage
04. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
05. Mr Nichols
06. Sound Mirrors
07. Boogieman
08. This Island Earth
09. Just For The Kick
10. Aid Dealer
11. A Whistle And A Prayer
12. Colours The Soul

Promo CD in 7″ x 7″ sleeve with cut-out cover and insert. Features alternate running order.

The disc is attached to the centre of the insert. Artwork includes unique number in top right corner and the “disc and music copied from it has a unique Audio Watermark”. Some copies issued with stickers and badge.

Everything is Under Control features Jon Spencer on vocals and guitar and was commercially released as a 7″, 12″, 12″ [#2] and CD single.

There were also Japanese releases of Everything Is Under Control and Sound Mirrors which both included bonus tracks. And later Coldcut would release a CD/DVD set titled Sound Mirrors: Videos and Remixes and Live at Shepherds Bush Empire download album.

Produced: Coldcut
Production Engineer: Jamie Hogg
Mastering: John Dent, Loud Mastering + Martin Giles, Alohe, My Soho
Production Assistance: Ross Allen for Casual Productions, Dom Smith
A+R Ross Allen, Adrian Kemp, Simon Skevington, Dom Smith
Executive Producer: Peter Quickemnja
“Assistance From: Will Ashon, Clair Askew, Patsy Colegate, Jamie Collinson, Martin Dobson, Mark Fuller, Suzi Green, James Heather, Vez Hoper, Seb Jenkins, James Moutain, Alastair Nicholson, Mike Sterling, Strictly kev, Laura Seach, Darren Knott, Dean Ricca Smith, Ali Tod, Jeff Waye, also Ian White, Jon Slade, Russell Blakeborough, Mark Scarratt, Denis Summers, Ben Bewick, Peter Thompson, Tay Hearn, Fred Elalouf, Jerome Caron, Jan Henke, Carsten + Sven at Verstaeker, Dan London, Lloyd Kleber, Simon Cass and the hundreds of other people who helped make and release this album only some of whom are listed here.”

01. Everything Is Under Control
Writers: Black/More/Ladd/Spencer
Published: Just Isn’t Music/LikeMaddMusic (SESAC)/Patrica Ann Music, BMI
Vocals/Guitar: Jon Spencer
Rap: Mike Ladd
Courtesy of K7
Backing Vocals: Dom Spitzer with thanks to The Space Shuttle Vacancies
Bass: Patrick Carpenter
Pre-Production/Engineering/Mix: Roy Merchant at the Dairy Brixton
Tempo 100 BPM

02. True Skool
Writers: Black/More/R. Smith
Published: Just Isn’t Music/Chrysalis Music
Vocals: Roots Manuva
Recording Engineer: Al Mawdslew at The Sound Authority
Mixed: Solid Groove
Contains Sample of ‘Maawan Thandian Chhawan written and composed by Surinder Kohli and Maqsh Layallpuri and performed by M. Kapoor
Licensed courtesy of Saregama PLC
Tempo: 105 BPM

03. Man In A Garage
Writers: More/Black/Matthias
Published: Just Isn’t Music/Westbury Music/Antigen
Vocals/Guitar/Fiddle: John Matthias
Pre-Production/Engineering and Mix: Roy Merchant at the Dairy Brixton
Tempo: 140 BPM

04. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Writer: Joe South (BMI)
Published: BMG Music Publishing
International Vocals: Robert Owens
Strings Arranged and Played by Eska
Additional Programming: Paul Brook
Vocal Recording: Matt Foster at the Dairy Brixton
Recorded and Mixed: Al Mawdsley The Sound Authority
Tempo: 120 BPM

05. Mr Nichols
Writers: More/Black/Brook/Williams (ASCAP)
Published: Just Isn’t Music/EMI/River Azaro Publishing
Vocals: Saul Williams
Sax: Soweto Kinch
Additional Programming: Paul Brook
Engineering and Mix: Roy Merchant at the Dairy Brixton
Tempo: 072 BPM

06. Sound Mirrors
Writers: More/Black/Brook
Published: Just Isn’t Music
Double Bass: Phil France with thanks to the Cinematic Orchestra
Additional Programming: Paul Brook
Engineered/Recorded: Roy Merchant at the Dairy Brixton
Orchestral Arrangement: Michael Price
Orchestra Recorded: Abbey Road Studio
String Production: John Dunkley
Orchestra Recorded/Mixed: Andrew Dudman
Assisted: Mirek Stiles
Mixed at Abby Road Studios on B+W Nautilus 801 Loudspeakers
Tempo: 083 BPM

07. Boogieman
Writers: Black/More/Amiri Baraka
Published: Just Isn’t Music Music/Sterling Lord Literistic
Vocals: Amiri Baraka
Recorded/Mixed: Roy Merhcant at Soundlab
Vocals and Lyrics Reprinted by Permission of SLL/Sterling Lord Literistic
Lyrics Copyright by Amiri Baraka
Tempo: 105 BPM

08. This Island Earth
Writer: More/Black/Freeman/Skeef
Published: Just Isn’t Music/Copyright Control
Vocal: Mpho Skeef
Backing Vocals: Don Freeman
Piano/Synth: Don Freeman
Recording Engineer: Al Mawdsley at The Sound Authority
Mixed: Solid Groove Dub
Tempo: 132 BPM

09. Just For The Kick
Writers: More/Black/Peacock
Published: Just Isn’t Music/Vicious Music
Vocals/Piano: Annette Peacock (MCPS/PRS)
Vocals Recording Engineer: Scott Serota The Loft Piano
Midnite Modulation Strings: Wayne Urquart with thanks to Pest
Bass: Ceri Evans
Recording Engineer: Al Mawdsley The Sound Factory
Mixed: Ross Allen and Ceri Evans
Tempo: 140 BPM

10. Aid Dealer
Writers: More/Black/Kinch/Brook
Published: Just Isn’t Music/Dune Music
Vocals/Sax: Soweto Kinch
Moog: Tim Brand
Drums: Paul Brook
Double Bass: Tom Mansi
Engineering/Mix: Roy Merhcant at the Dairy Brixton
Remastered: Al Mawdsley The Sound Factory
Tempo: 131 BPM

11. A Whistle And A Prayer
Writers: More/Black/Broder
Published: Just Isn’t Music
Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar: Andrew Broder
Cello: Kate Mumford
Additional Programming: Paul Brook
Engineer/Mixed: Roy Merchant at the Dairy Brixton
Tempo: 070 BPM

12. Colours The Soul
Writers: Black/More/Spitzer
Published: Just Isn’t Music
Vocals/Guitars: Dom Spitzer with Special Thanks to the Space Shuttle Vacancies
Strings: David Julyan and John Matthias
Trombone: Thomas Marriott with thanks to the Pest Recording
Mix: Roy Merchant at the Dairy Brixton
Tempo: 086 BPM

Design/Illustration: Nigel Peake
Art Direction: Openmind + Ninja Tune
Fontography: Masaru