Gibson Bros. – The Man Who Love Couch Dancing [Press Release] (PRESS, US)

1990 Homestead
Gibson Bros. - The Man Who Love Couch Dancing [Press Release] (PRESS, US)
Press release for the Gibson Bros. album The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing which features Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez and was issued on vinyl, cassette and CD.

This includes a further three pages of Gibson Bros. reviews.

Homestead Records
‘Cause it seemed like a good idea at the time


The music scene’s most lowdown combo, the Gibson Brothers, have dedicated their ornery careers to the relentless pursuit of degenerate forms of American music. Cooking blues, country, rockabilly, Rock and Roll, even lounge music and comedy in one dirty, bochalism-ridden stew-pot, the Brothers, like David Lynch or Dennis Hopper, a present view of life and art that is on the surface good-times and celebratory, while in its hear complicated and disturbing.

Many of today’s “postmodern” artists, like Laurie Anderson or David Byrne, present a “statement” about the ugliness and spiritual bankruptcy of contemporary society, by musically appropriating and representing “soundbites” from Ugly America. The Gibson Brothers are, in their own scummy way, far more profound than these losers. The Gibson Brothers do not scapegoat rednecks or capitalists or sports fans, or try to portray any particular group as the cause of our nation’s malaise. Instead, they incorporate every American sound – those that they idolize along with those that they despise – and expose the whole sick, unclean rotting corpse for what it truly is.

This is Punk Rock, Jack! The Gibson Brothers are playing for keeps, and they won’t rest until they’ve torn down the disintegrating curtain of late capitalism. On the “studio” side of their new missile, The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing, the Brothers add just a sprinkle of hip hop to their filthy musical fry-pan: a pan into which new ingredients can be added, but from which no stain can be removed. Maybe it was Jeffrey Evans, rather than Vanilla Ice, who graduated high school in Miami with Luther Campbell. The Gibson Brothers only which that they could wanna be as nasty as they are! On the “live” side, they get some expert assistance from ex-Pussy Galore partners-in-arms Jon Spencer and Cristina, two punk rock heroes who know a thing or two about whalin’ the shit out of America. Fresh from the low-fi, pornographic thrills of their recent “Boss Hog” collaboration, Jon and Cristina lend an air of degeneration to the Gibson Brothers first-ever recording to be released on compact disc. The Horror. The Horror.

SPECIAL NOTE FROM THE GIBSON BROS: The Gibson Brothers apologize for including the A-Bones on their list of people who dicked them. The A-Bones never dicked the Brothers, and the Brothers only thought that they did cause they believed a liar. The Gibson Brothers love the A-Bones like they love their mothers.

Jeffrey Evans — vocals,guitar,bass,farsifa
Don Howland — vocal,guitar,bass
Ross Johnson — drums (Side 1)
Brent Stokesberry — guitar (Side 1)
Cristina — drums (Side 2)
Jon Spencer — guitar (Side 2)

Build A Raft: (Old Age cassette, 1986)
“My Young Life” 7″ (Okra Records, 1987)
“My Young Life” 7″ (Shadowline Records, Netherlands, 1988)
Big Pine Boogie LP (Okra Records, 1988)
Big Pine Boogie LP/CS reissue (Homestead, 1990)
Dedicated Fool LP/CS (Homestead, 1989)
Punk Rock Truck Driving Song Of A Gun (Homestead, 1990)
“Emulsified” 7″ (Siltbreeze, 1990)
The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing LP/CS/CD (Homestead, 1991)
Mean Mistreaters 7″ EP (forthcoming) (Homestead, 1991)
Band of La fong and Jeffrey Evans 7″ (forthcoming) (Sympathy, 1991)

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