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We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001 (BOOK/DOWNLOAD, US)
Memphis Sol Today [Review] (PRESS, SPAIN) Memphis Sol Today [Review] (PRESS, SPAIN) July / August 1993
Superdope: Don Howland Interview (PRESS, US) Superdope: Don Howland Interview (PRESS, US)
SCAN: Don Howland discusses Gibson Bros. and Pussy Galore
Gibson Bros. Article (PRESS, SPAIN) Gibson Bros. Article (PRESS, SPAIN) March 1992
Promotional Photograph (PHOTO, US) Promotional Photograph (PHOTO, US) 1991/1992
The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing [Press Release] (PRESS, US) The Man Who Love Couch Dancing [Press Release] (PRESS, US)
TEXT: “The music scene’s most lowdown combo, the Gibson Brothers, have dedicated their ornery careers to the relentless pursuit of degenerate forms of American music. Cooking blues, country, rockabilly, Rock and Roll, even lounge music and comedy in one dirty, bochalism-ridden stew-pot… “
The Man Who Loved... Review: Howl! (MAGAZINE, GERMANY) Howl: The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing [Review] (PRESS, GERMANY)
SCAN: Brief German-language review.
Bierfront: Clean (S)ex [Article] / The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing [Review] (PRESS, GERMANY)
SCAN: German-language review
Gibson Bros. – Pulse: Upstarts – Rumblings From the Underground: Gibson Bros. – Blue Light Special Blues [300 Words] (PRESS, US)
TEXT: “What we’re playing is our version of the blues; it’s not really meant to be ironic or tongue-in-cheek,” says Gibson Brother Jeff Evans. “It’s just that it’s 1990, and there’s certain things that have influenced our lives – Kennedy…”
Gibson Bros. – Request: Some Blues Like They Used To [550 Words] (PRESS, US)
TEXT: Their passion for blues and rockabilly has led to the release of Punk Rock Driving Song of a Gun a collaboration with the Workdogs, a Hoboken rhythm section that, according to Howland, “heard our first performance in New York when we were so drunk and loud that no one could have enjoyed it, and they wrote us a letter saying they loved it.”

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