Heavy Trash – New York Tour (8 – 11 August 2008)

 Heavy Trash - New York Tour (8 - 11 August 2008)Poster advertising Heavy Trash ‘New York Tour’ featuring three seperate shows presented by New York Nite Train and all featuring Witch Hats at Glasslands (8 August 2008) with Five Dollar Priest and Woman at Maxwells (10 August 2008) with Stalkers at Santo’s Party House (11 August 2008) with Ian Svenonius and Jonathan Toucan.

Heavy Trash line-up:

Jon Spencer
Matt Verta-Ray
Simon Chardiet
Phil Hernandez

Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray both appeared on the Five Dollar Priest album and Ian Svenonius also featured on the Selector Dub Narcotic compilation album (in the Make-Up).

This poster was sent out by the band as a MySpace bulletin and the line-up features “the NYC Heavy Trash crew” Phil Hernandez and Simon Chardiet.