Heavy Trash – Sesc Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil (21 April 2009)

Heavy Trash show at Sesc Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil on 21 April 2009.

Heavy Trash line-up:

Jon Spencer
Matt Verta-Ray
The Great Nanla
Kim Kix

Soundcheck / Moonshine Photo: Crunchy Frog (https://www.flickr.com/photos/crunchyfrogdk/)

“This guy from one of the other bands makes his own cachaca liqour and presented us with this bottle of his moonshine. Cachaca is of course the base of the capirinha and this bottle is the traditional one used all over. It sounds really well so I played it in “Yeah Baby”, “Way Out” and “Walking Bum”. We tried to drink a lot of it, but it keeps on giving! Think we need to bring this for the rest of the tour.” – Yebo / Crunchy Frog

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