Heavy Trash – Spitz, London, UK (13 April 2007)

Heavy Trash show at Spitz, London, UK with Jim Jones Revue on 13 April 2007.

Heavy Trash line-up:

Jon Spencer
Matt Verta-Ray
Kim Kix

The flyer features a short piece of text on each artist. The Heavy Trash and Jim Jones Revue entry is as follows:

“Jon Spencer has a punk blues pedigree that is beyond reproach. His bands, collaborations and side-projects are a roll call in rock’n’roll and punk blues innovation. Heavy Trash is Jon’s latest project with fellow NYC resident Matt verta-Ray from Speedball baby. Heavy Trash is a hip shaking celebration of rock ‘n’ toll’s primary elements, namely rock-a-billy – the blues hillbilly Southern cousin. Support from The Jim Jones who play supercharged back to basics rock ‘n’ roll and sound like a collison between Little Richard and the MC5!”