Heavy Trash – Uncle Sally’s: 60 Seconds with (PRESS, GERMANY)

November 2009 Uncle Sally’s 151
Heavy Trash interview from Uncle Sally’s issue 151.
Uncle Sally’s, November 2009, Edition 151 60 seconds with: Jon Spencer (Heavy Trash)

He is the boss and name patron of the Blues Explosion, at the moment he is the frontman of Heavy Trash. He is also a passionate fan of The Cramps, a father, a cook and a Halloween-fan: Jon Spencer from New York. Here he explains what he does besides music and why he sometimes tries out lying in a casket.

I can do this better at night than during the day:
Sleep! That’s obvious. Apart from that I can watch TV better because the kids are asleep. Or do you want me to talk about sex?

I can cook this very well:
Bolognese sauce American-style with tasty big meat balls – but I’m even better at baking than cooking. My chocolate cakes are legendary!

My creative drug:
I know it sounds lame but that’s how it is: caffeine! But I also like to drink alcohol to get in the right mood.

If I was a drink I would be:
Something with an umbrella on it. A long drink or a cocktail with fruit. Something for the ladies, you understand?

My favorite holiday time:
Halloween! I have already been out this morning desperately searching for pumpkins. The stuff is sold-out in all of New York! The kids are going to kill me when they come into our backyard with all the spooky decorations and there are no pumpkin heads, just a dad dressed up as a zombie lying in the casket trying to scare them to no effect…

If I would be attracted to men for 24 hours I would meet this guy:
Just one? I would make sure to hook up with as many guys as possible. The first one I would go for is Dick Cheney, our former vice president.

The last time I got duped was:
Recently at the supermarket. Sometimes they screw me at the checkout when I buy cat food. They type in four rather than three tins. I always have to make sure I check the receipt.

This person had the best haircut of all time:
Elvis! Little Richard had a good hair cut too. It must have taken hours to get that volume and height into his hair. Ike Turner’s hair was pretty good, too.

Home: hevaytrash.net Photo: Michael Lavine
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