Howler – Wasteland Blues [Unreleased Recordings] (??, US)

2013 n/a n/a
[unknown tracks]
Howler recorded at NY Hed with Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray between the release dates of their first and second albums.

At one point Jordan Gatesmith had spoken about recording their second album in New York (at NY Hed) with Jon Spencer and wanting to release it in early 2013.

When ‘World of Joy’ (their second album) was released the NY Hed sessions were not credited on the sleeve and to date (August 2016) these recordings have not been officially released.


June 2013: In The Fly magazine the album was given the working title “Wasteland Blues” was given. Current track titles include “Fake Flowers” and “Indictments”.

November 2013: “The second album is due next year, how have you found time to record it?

Well, it’s still being recorded. We travel a lot, so we’ve found a homebase in New York which is a pretty central place for us to fly into, so we’ve been recording in the same studio in Manhattan. We’ve been working with John Spencer for the last few months and we’re going back in the studio soon.” –

5 November 2013: The following message was posted on the Howler facebook page: “The record has been done for a while, we just forgot to put it out!!! sorry!”

10 November 2013: This message was posted on the bands facebook page:

An update for our fan:
We truly, truly appreciate you for buying our first EP and LP and supporting us so extensively. It’s truly amazing to us all that you like our music so much. All the live shows, all the parties, all the money. …We can’t begin to express how indebted we are to you. It means so dang much.

Thanks for everything

UNFORTUNAtly, with a very heavy heart, we must tell you that due to mounting pressure from the label and our rapidly deteriorating mental health…

This isn’t easy for any of us but…

our new record is COMING OUT SOON

As the late, gr8 Jimm Morrison, from the critically acclaimed hippy butt rock band, “The Doors” once said,


21 January 2014: The video for Don’t Wanna , album details, artwork and tracklist of second album were announced with no mention of Jon Spencer or NY Hed: “Howler’s second album was written and recorded in Minneapolis at The Terrarium studio with ‘America Give Up’ producer Chris Heidman”