Judah Bauer – Fender Telecaster Nut (NUT, US)

5 October 2006 Fender
Judah Bauer - Fender Telecaster Nut (NUT, US)
This item appeared on ebay.com 5 October 2006 (Item No. 150042880970).

Starting Bid: $49.99

Item Description: “When I first talked to Judah I suggested I could do a glue fill repair instead of an outright replacement but he said he’d already been through that….and as you can see, he wasn’t lying!….

Dig that Elmer’s glue matchstick prop action!!!!!

I replaced the original nut and offered him the old one back, but he told me he had no use for it so I just tossed it back in my toolbox and that was that….

this vintage nut is still very restorable for a new life on your vintage Fender guitar….

I’m not sure what JSBX recordings this particular guitar was used on, but maybe if you email Judah himself he can tell you…..http://judah-bauer.com/

These days I mainly just build guitars and I’m cleaning out stuff that I’m not going to use….

I now actually have feedback….thanks!

I also have some vintage guitar parts, including Judah Bauer’s old, yellow, crusty, dried up bone nut….” – ho-madeworld

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