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Jim Waters Recordings [2013]DIGUS-2020.05.21
This Is A CallCDUK-2020.03.17
10 Years of Mom + Pop 3xLPUS-2018.10.23
Baby Driver Volume 2: The Score For A Score [Promo]CDJPSDCI-822372018.00.00
Baby Driver Volume 2: The Score For A ScoreLPUSY4LP3C23 / 190758211612018.04.13
Baby Driver Volume 2: The Score For A Score CDUSY4CD3C10 / 190758355222018.04.13
Baby Driver Volume 2: The Score For A ScoreLPUK190758211612018.04.13
Baby Driver Volume 2: The Score For A ScoreCDUK190758355222018.04.13
Chase Me [Bellbottoms Remix] 12"US88985 47753 12017.11.24
Chase Me [Bellbottoms Remix] 12"EU889854775312017.11.24
Killer Tracks from the Motion Picture Baby DriverCDUS88985 48252 22017.11.10
Killer Tracks from the Motion Picture Baby DriverCDUK-2017.11.10
Music From The Motion Picture Baby Driver2xCDAUS889854560222017.06.00
Music From The Motion Picture Baby Driver2xCDUK88985456022 2017.06.23
Music From The Motion Picture Baby Driver2xCDUSY4CD3C092017.06.23
Music From The Motion Picture Baby Driver2xCDJPSICP 5629-302017.06.23
Music From The Motion Picture Baby Driver [Urban Outfitters]2xLPUS88985 44664 12017.06.23
Music From The Motion Picture Baby Driver2xLPUSY4LP3C17 2017.06.23
Music From The Motion Picture Baby Driver2xLPUK88985 45369 12017.07.14
Baby Driver [Script / Soundtrack] USBUSn/a2017.00.00
‘Recovery’ 20th Anniversary Box Set [Expanded Edition]2xDVD
/ 2xCD
‘Recovery’ 20th Anniversary Box Set [Standard Edition]2xDVD
/ 2xCD
That's It Baby Right Now We Got To Do It Let's Dance! LPUKBR47LP / SHOV20 / MP2492016.04.16
Sonic Dance Party 2015 [Bootleg] CDJPXAVEL-272 0000.00.00
Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough2xLPUSFP1018-12016.04.16
Don't Wanna Live Like The DeadCDJPSIC7-12015.12.18
Human Obscene7"USITR 2832015.11.13
Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015
Classic Rock #39
Into The MysticCDUKUNCUT 2015 052015.03.24
Sampler Printemps - Été 2015 2xCDFR-2015.00.00
Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015CDJPSICP44042015.04.01
Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015 [Green Vinyl] LPUKBR42LP / SHOV192015.03.23
Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015LPUKBR42LP / SHOV192015.03.23
Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015CDUKBR42 / SHOV192015.03.23
Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015 [Promo]CDUK-2015.03.23
Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015 [Green Vinyl]LPUSMP-222-1 / SHOV192015.03.24
Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015 [Test Pressing]LPUSMP-222-1 / SHOV192015.03.24
Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015CDUSMP-222-2 / SHOV192015.03.24
Do The Get Down [Promo] CDUS-2015.03.24
Hit's A SonyCDJPSDCI-817752015.03.00
Live In France 2013 (DOWNLOAD, US)
She's On It - Jack The Ripper (Live)DLUS-2014.05.10
She's On It - Jack The Ripper12"UKBR372014.04.19
She's On It - Jack The Ripper12"USMP1502014.04.19
Guitar Wolf vs The Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionCD/DVDJPSICP-3723-42013.01.00
Live at The Birthday Party... DLUS-2012.11.08
Classic Rock: Kronjuwelen CDGER-2012.10.00
CD Zur Slam Ausgabe 64 CDAUST.AC89978-012012.10.00
Ox Compilation #104CDGERoxcd 912012.10.00
Meat and BoneCDJPSICP36672012.10.24
Meat and Bone [Promo]CDJPSDCI-813382012.10.24
Meat and BoneCDAUSSHOV18 / FREE1032012.09.21
Meat and Bone [Promo] [#2]CDUS-2012.09.18
Meat and Bone [Promo]CDUSn/a2012.09.18
Meat and BoneLPUSSHOV18 / MP068-12012.09.18
Meat and BoneCDUSSHOV18 / MP068-22012.09.18
Meat and BoneCDUKSHOV18 / BR182012.09.17
Meat and BoneLPUKSHOV18 / BR29LP2012.09.17
Meat and Bone [Promo]CDUKSHOV18 / BR292012.09.17
Bank Robber Music Compilation: Volume 33 - Fall 2012CDUSVol. 332012.00.00
Into Your ArmsCDUKUNCUT 2012 102012.08.23
Bag of Bones / Black Mold7"USMP0672012.08.14
Bag of Bones / Black Mold [Promo]CDUS-2012.08.14
Gadzooks! / Tell Me That You Love Me7"USITR 2282012.04.00
Daytrotter Session: Big Orange StudiosDLUS20055017-36092011.12.08
Black Betty [Plate 10 / ART SHOW] 7"USSCALE1212011.10.01
Black Betty [Plate 09 / ART SHOW]7"USSCALE1212011.10.01
Black Betty [Plate 08 / ART SHOW]7"USSCALE1212011.10.01
Black Betty [Plate 07 / ART SHOW]7"USSCALE1212011.10.01
Black Betty [Plate 06 / ART SHOW]7"USSCALE1212011.10.01
Black Betty [Plate 05 / ART SHOW]7"USSCALE1212011.10.01
Black Betty [Plate 04 / ART SHOW]7"USSCALE1212011.10.01
Black Betty [Plate 03 / ART SHOW]7"USSCALE1212011.10.01
Black Betty [Plate 02 / ART SHOW]7"USSCALE1212011.10.01
Black Betty [Plate 01 / ART SHOW]7"USSCALE1212011.10.01
Now I Got Worry [Test Pressing] [2011]LPUSSHOV112011.08.30
Summer Festival 2011CDJPTOCP-710992011.06.15
Black Betty [Splatter]7"USSCALE1212011.05.00
Black Betty [Tri-Color / JSBX]7"USSCALE1212011.05.00
Orange [Orange / Yellow Spatter]LPUSSHVL162023.07.00
Orange [2011] LPUSSHOV162011.06.14
Orange [Orange Vinyl] [2011]LPUSSHOV162011.06.14
Now I Got Worry [2011]LPUSSHOV112011.06.14
Extra Width [2011]LPUSSHOV142011.06.14
Extra Width [Test Pressing] [2011] [#1]LPUSSHOV142011.06.14
Extra Width [Test Pressing] [#2][2011]LPUSSHOV142011.08.12
Black Betty / No Reservations7"USSHOV172011.05.06
Black Betty / No Reservations [Test Pressing]7"USSHOV172011.05.06
Jukebox Singles Boxset5x7"USITR 007 / 011 /
019 / 042 / 088
Orange + Experimental Remixes 2xCDUKSHOV162010.12.13
Orange + Experimental Remixes [Promo] 2xCDUK-2010.12.13
Acme + Acme Plus2xCDUKSHOV152010.12.06
Acme + Acme Plus [Promo]2xCDUK-2010.12.06
Year One [Promo] CDUK-2010.11.22
Year One CDUKSHOV132010.11.22
Extra Width + Mo' Width [2010] [Promo]2xCDUK-2010.11.22
Extra Width + Mo' Width [2010]2xCDUKSHOV142010.11.22
Acme + Acme Plus 2xCDUS826663-1181862010.10.19
Orange + Experimental Remixes 2xCDUS826663-1176532010.10.19
Matador at 21 6xCDUSOLE-1000-22010.09.28
Controversial Negro [2010]CDUKSHOV122010.09.27
Controversial Negro [2010] [Promo]CDUK-2010.09.27
Now I Got Worry [2010] CDUKSHOV112010.09.27
Now I Got Worry [2010] [Promo] CDUK-2010.09.27
LIVE!! 11.23.1993 [Black] [#3] [Bootleg]LPUS105792000s
Controversial Negro [Promo]CASUKS1321997.06.00
Blues Explosion Remixes DLSLO-1999-2010
Extra Width + Mo' Width [2010]2xCDUS826663-117642010.08.10
Extra Width + Mo' Width [2010] [Promo]2xCDUS-2010.08.10
Year One CDUS826663-117632010.08.10
2010 Pitchfork Music Festival SamplerDLUS120076972010.07.02
Bopsecond Flavor (Carbon Copy)DLJP-2010.05.31
Dirty Shirt Rock 'n' Roll: The Firs...[Promo] CDUKSHOV102010.05.24
Dirty Shirt Rock 'n' Roll: The First Ten YearsCDUKSHOV102010.05.24
Controversial Negro [2010] [Promo]CDUS826663-118162010.05.18
Controversial Negro [2010] CDUS826663-118162010.05.18
Now I Got Worry [2010] [Promo]CDUS826663-117672010.05.18
Now I Got Worry [2010] CDUS826663-117672010.05.18
Bank Robber Music Compilation: Volume 22...CDUS-2010.00.00
King Unique Bootlegs & Secret... [Bootleg]DLUK-2010.03.00
Dirty Shirt Rock 'n' Roll: The First...[Promo]CDUS826663-117092010.03.30
Dirty Shirt Rock 'n' Roll: The First Ten Years CDUS826663-117092010.03.30
Dirty Shirt Rock ‘n’ Roll: The First Ten Years [Promo] [#2] CDUS-2010.03.30
White Man's SoulCDBEL24315922009.00.00
Paredes de Coura 07CDPOR-2007.00.00
Sixteen Years of Video MaterialDVDGEREYHOXP001 /
Sixteen Years of Video Material2xDVDGEREYHOXP003 / mpedvd0272008.07.07
Sixteen Years of Video Material [Spec. Ed.]2xDVD/CDGEREYHOXP002 /
Sixteen Years of Video Material [Spec. Ed.]DVDGEREYHOXP0042008.00.00
Music Mix 3: Alternative SceneDVDCHIFZ-32362005.00.00
DJ Still Life: The Raw and the Crooked Vol 1DLUSn/a2008.06.19
Matador Music [Promo] 3xCDUSOLE 727-2P2008.00.00
100% Alternative 5xCDBEL50999 2425432 82008.00.00
Round Table Knights: It's Funny How Money Changes The SituationCDSWIMBR 032007.12.07
I Love Rock!5xCDFR-2007.12.03
Jukebox Explosion Rockin' Mid 90's PunkersCDJPPCD171572007.11.23
Jukebox Explosion Rockin' Mid 90's Punkers [Promo]CDUKn/a2007.10.29
In The Red Records: Sampler Number One DLUS-2007.10.23
Jukebox Explosion Rockin' Mid 90's PunkersLPUSITR1462007.10.11
Jukebox Explosion Rockin' Mid 90's Punkers [Test Pressing]LPUSITR1462007.10.11
Jukebox Explosion Rockin' Mid 90's PunkersCDUSITR146CD2007.10.11
DJ Still Life is UnFadeableCDUS-2007.04.27
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations4xDVDUSDIS3939DVD2007.03.20
Rockin On Paper: The Vera Club: A History...BK/CDNL978-90-9021438-22007.03.11
Calvin Found A Job [Bootleg]CDFR-2007.00.00
A Burne La Patate #1 [Bootleg]CDFR-2007.00.00
Strictly Music Vol. 9 (International)2xCDBELLEC 022 / 900.1022.220 20072007.00.00
Later...Louder/Later...Even LouderDVDUK-2006.11.06
Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues3xCDFR-2006.09.18
Beats In Space DLUS-2006.08.00
Les Inrockuptibles: 20 Ans - 100 Chansons 1996-20066xCDFR26300224100992006.00.00
DFA Remixes Chapter One 2xLPUSASW55191 / 094635519112 2006.04.04
DFA Remixes Chapter One [Promo]CDUS-2006.04.04
DFA Remixes Chapter OneCDUSASW55726 / 0946355726292006.04.04
DFA Remixes Chapter One CDUKDFAEMI2155CD2006.03.27
DFA Remixes Chapter One2xLPUKDFAEMI2155LP2006.03.27
DFA Remixes Chapter One [White Label]2xLPUKDFAEMI2155LP2006.03.27
DFA Remixes Chapter One [Promo] CDUKDFAEMIDJ 2155CD2006.03.27
DFA Remix Compilation [Promo]CDUKn/a2006.03.27
Beats In Space: Best of 2005 ShowDLUS-2006.01.10
H is For Hero CDUK-2006.00.00
Unusual Sounds [Denim Sleeve]CDJPVICP-632112005.11.23
Unusual Sounds For Levi's Selected by...CDJPSICP-9742005.11.23
I Love Guitar Wolf...Very MuchCDUSNCK70282005.09.20
Damage Radio Session [Promo]CDJPCDS-18932005.09.16
Promo Only // Alternative Club - Sept. 05CDUSPOAC09052005.09.00
The Dukes of Hazzard: Music...CDJPSICP 9742005.11.23
The Dukes of Hazzard: Music...[Promo]CDUS-2005.07.19
The Dukes of Hazzard: Music From... CDUSCK 948942005.07.19
Festival De Vieilles CharruesCDFRKDG FR - 0209422005.06.00
Snack CrackerCDJPVICP-629122005.05.21
Static Disaster: The UK In The Red Sampler CDUKITR 13132005.05.17
Later...Even LouderDVDIT08256462234282005.05.00
Later...Even LouderDVDUK2564 62234-92005.05.09
You See Me Laughin’…DVDUSFP1020-92005.05.05
Mute Songs For Instore PlayCDUK-2005.05.00
Crunchy [5 Track] [Promo]CDUKCDMUTE3362005.04.25
Crunchy [8 Track] [Promo]CDUKMUTE3362005.04.25
Crunchy [3 Track]CDUKCDMUTE3362005.04.25
Crunchy [7 Track]CDEUICDMUTE3362005.04.25
Crunchy 7"UKMUTE3362005.04.25
It Came From Memphis... CDUKMANTCD2352005.03.21
Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior...2xCDAUSFP1018-22005.02.07
Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior...CDUSFP1018-22005.02.07
Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough
50,000,000 Soulwax Fans Can't Be WrongCDEUWTCD0022005.01.01
Sanctuary 2005 Sampler [Promo]CDUSSANDJ-85694-22005.01.00
Simple Pleasures. Las Mejores Canciones De 2004 CDSPCD132005.01.00
NIKE: The Art of Customization [Promo]CDUS-2005.00.00
Best of 2004 / Best of 20052xCDUKBEST 2004 / BEST 20052005.00.00
WFMU Gone Wild!
DVDUSAC-WFM-8145 2005.00.00
Radioplay: Euro Express2xCDUS594U2004.12.03
Hot Gossip [#2b] [Promo]CDUKMUTE3322004.11.15
Hot Gossip [#1] [Promo]CDUKMUTE3322004.11.15
Hot Gossip [#2a] [Promo]CDUKMUTE3322004.11.15
Hot Gossip [#3] [Promo]CDUKRCDMUTE3322004.11.15
Hot Gossip7"UKMUTE3322004.11.15
Hot Gossip (Censored) [Promo]BETAUKGB-323-04-00182004.11.15
Hot Gossip/Burn It Off [Promo] DVDUSSANDJ-85675-92004.11.00
4th Quarter Video Reel [Promo] DVDUSn/a2004.10.00
Matador At Fifteen2xCD/DVDUSOLE-623-22004.10.12
Topshop Topman #113VHSUK#1132004.11.10
Rock & Folk: Monster CD #8CDFRRF082004.10.00
KEXP: Music That Matters CDUSKEXP CD0012004.10.00
X-Rock #6CDFR#62004.10.00
Damage [Promo]CDUSSANSP-84722-22004.09.28
Damage [Promo] [#2]CDUSSANSP-84722-22004.09.28
Damage [Promo] [#3]CDUS-2004.09.28
Burn It Off [Promo]CDUSSANDJ-85643-22004.09.28
Damage [Card Sleeve]CDUS06076-84722-22004.09.28
Damage Sampler [Promo]CDUKn/a2004.09.27
Damage Radio Session [Promo]CDUKn/a2004.09.27
Damage [Promo]CDUKACDSTUMM2362004.09.27
Damage! [Promo]CDUKn/a2004.09.27
Burn It Off [Promo]VHSUKn/a2004.09.13
Burn It Off [Promo] [2 Track]CDUKMUTE2372004.09.13
Burn It Off 7"UKMUTE3272004.09.13
Burn It OffCDGERGCDMUTE3272004.09.13
Burn It Off [Promo] [4 Track]CDUKMUTE3272004.09.13
Burn It OffCDUKCDMUTE3272004.09.13
Burn It Off [Test Pressing]7"UKMUTE3272004.09.13
Burn It Off [Promo]MDVUS-2004.09.00
Your Sanctuary Awaits: A Sonic Boom of...CDUSATMDJ-85662-22004.09.00
DamageCDARGANGLO 0102004.09.00
Res Magazine: New Syntax StorytellingDVDUSVol. 8 / No. 12004.00.00
Essential Mix CDUS-2004.08.22
Damage! [Album Sampler] CDUK-2004.07.15
Mars, Arizon - DFA Radio Edit [Promo]CDUKMUTE3362004.04.21
The Soul of A Man CDUSCOL 512570 22004.03.29
Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues 18xCDUS-2004.03.29
"Mo Damage" / Damage-era DemosDIGUS-2004.00.00
2 Become 1CDGER-2004.00.00
I Love Guitar Wolf...Very MuchCDJPKSCP-928 / KSCL-9282004.00.00
Cornerstone Player 056CD/DVDUSCSP056 1 2004.00.00
Shred: Volume OneCDUS82876-65134-22004.00.00
Alle 2004 Goed: Meer Dan Het Beste Uit... 2xCDBEL07243 8638602 12004.00.00
Digital Rock Vision 10DVDFRDRV0102004.00.00
I'm Not Floyd and I Hate This Music CDUS-2004.00.00
CPI: Libations For The Gods DLCAN-2004.00.00
The Mix - 560CDUKMI 05602004.00.00
Red IdolDVDUSNRNK 70072003.11.04
Halloween PartyCDIT59494422003.10.00
Now I Got Worry [150g]LPUSOLE 193-12003.00.00
Orange [150g] LPUSOLE-105-12003.00.00
Extra Width [150g] LPUSOLE 052-1 2003.00.00
Kill Your Television!DVDFR49069892003.07.17
Hometaping Vol.3: Come Out And Play CDUK03 JULY 1 032003.07.05
Rock & Folk: Monster CD #1CDFRRF012003.01.00
The Soul Of A Man [Promo]CDGER-2003.00.00
Music Mix 3: Alternative SceneVCDCHIPMVCD3101922003.00.00
Trama Verão 2003 CDBRAP92-22003.00.00
Eden [Bootleg]5xCDUKn/a2003.00.00
Sound Republic Vol. 2 Mixed by Duck RockCDJPKCCD0922002.12.20
Rough Trade Shops: Rock And Roll 12xCDUKCDSTUMM2122002.12.04
Down In The Beat [Bootleg]CDUSTNT 0072002.11.12
Vital Hitz 1102DVDUS-2002.11.00
Shakin' Rock 'n' Roll Tonight [Promo] [#2] CDUKCDMUTE2882002.10.28
Shakin' Rock 'N' Roll Tonight [Promo]CDUKCDMUTE2882002.10.28
Shakin' Rock 'N' Roll TonightCDUKCDMUTE2882002.10.28
Shakin' Rock 'N' Roll Tonight7"UKMUTE2882002.10.28
Abus Dangereux 67CDFR#672002.10.00
Fang Visual DVDUSOLE 559-92002.09.10
Pukkelpop 2002 SamplerCDBEL444.5679.2202002.08.22
Intended Play Summer 2002 CDUSOLE 554-2P2002.07.00
Sweet N Sour7"UKMUTE2712002.06.24
Sweet N Sour [#2]CDUKLCDMUTE2712002.06.24
Sweet N Sour [#1]CDUKCDMUTE2712002.06.24
Sweet N Sour [Promo]CDUKCDMUTE2712002.06.24
Sweet N Sour [Promo]VHSUKn/a2002.06.24
Beggars Group / Matador Records Reel [Promo]VHSUSn/a2002.06.00
Rock Sound Volume 37CDUKRSCDUK372002.06.00
Fang PlastiqueCDJPTFCK 872852002.05.22
Fang Plastique [Promo]CASJPTFCK 872852002.05.22
Compilation [Promo]VHSUSn/a2002.05.00
Plastic Fang2xLPUSOLE 542-12002.04.09
L.A. Mixes August + October 2001 [Plast... CDUSn/a2001.10.00
Plastic Fang [Promo] [#2] CDUSOLE 542-2CV2004.04.09
Plastic Fang [Fang Pack]CDUSOLE 666-22002.04.09
Plastic FangCDUSOLE 542-22002.04.09
Plastic Fang [Promo] CDUS-2002.04.09
Plastic Fang [Promo] CDFRn/a2002.04.09
Plastic Fang Album Sampler [Promo] CDUKSTUMM1992002.04.08
Digital Hardcore VideosVHSUSDHR 362002.04.08
Digital Hardcore VideosVHSUKDHR 362002.04.08
[Plastic Fang] New Album - Title TBC [Promo]CDUKn/a2002.04.08
Plastic Fang [Promo] [#2]CDUKn/a2002.04.08
Plastic Fang [Promo]CDUKACDSTUMM1992002.04.08
Plastic FangCDEUCDSTUMM1992002.04.08
Plastic FangCDBEN391.0199.020 /
Plastic FangCDSCACDSTUMM1992002.04.00
Plastic Fang [Plastic Case]CDUKCDSTUMM1992002.04.08
Plastic FangCDSPEVERCD2082002.04.08
Plastic FangCD2xLPSTUMM1992002.04.08
Plastic Fang [Fang Pack] CDUKCDSTUMM1992002.04.08
Radio Session [Plastic Fang] [Promo]CDUKPCDSTUMM1992002.04.08
Radio Session [Plastic Fang] [Promo] [#2] CDUKPCDSTUMM1992002.04.08
Plastic Fang [Bootleg]CDRUSL200 - 18052002.00.00
Acme / Plastic Fang2xCDFR8 12879 22002.00.00
Plastic Fang
Plastic FangCDBRAT-004 / 600-22002.04.00
Rare Trax Vol. 22CDGERA260820-012002.04.00
Ghetto Mom7"USITR 0882002.04.08
Rock Sound Volumen 50CDSPRSCDE-050 2002.04.00
Plastic Fang [Promo]CDARGANGLO 0??2002.04.00
Plastic FangCDARGANGLO 0??2002.04.00
Plastic Fang 2xCDAUSAUCDSTUMM1992002.04.00
Sonically Speaking (Volume 6) CDSWESONIC 0062002.04.00
Rock Save The Queen [Promo]CDFR-2002.04.02
Rock Save The QueenCDFR81225622002.03.29
Plastic FangCD JPTFCK-872802002.03.27
Plastic Fang [Promo]CDJPPRT-912 / TFCK-872802002.03.27
Sweet 'N' Sour [Promo]CDJPPRT-910 / TFCK 872002002.03.27
She Said [Promo]VHSUKn/a2002.03.25
She Said [1 Track] [Promo]CDUKMUTE 2632002.03.25
She Said [#2] [Promo] VHSUKn/a2002.03.25
She Said [Promo] [3 Track]CDUKMUTE2632002.03.25
She Said [Promo]CDUKRCDMUTE2632002.03.25
She Said7"UKMUTE2632002.03.25
She Said [#2]CDUKLCDMUTE2632002.03.25
She Said [#1]CDUKCDMUTE2632002.03.25
She Said [4 Track] [Promo]CDUKMUTE2632002.03.25
Wu Chronicles Chapter II [#2]2xLPUSWU1006LP2002.03.25
Wu Chronicles Chapter II [#2]CDUSWU1006CD2002.03.25
Objectif 2002CDFRCD LI 02/??2002.03.00
Sweet N Sour [Promo]CDUSOLE 1224-2P2002.03.00
Vital Music [Promo]CDUKvitalmusic022002.03.00
The Devils Music Volume 4 CDUKKERRANG 03022002.03.00
Advance! 2002.1 [Promo]CDUKADVANCE5CD2002.03.00
Hometaping Vol. 1CDUKBC34702002.01.00
Cornerstone Player 0312xCDUSCSP0312002.00.00
A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise3xCDNLCPG 20020622002.00.00
Virgin, Voila L'eteCDFRVISA 0069592002.00.00
NUS ENTS Convention 2002CDUK-2002.00.00
Guitar & Bass Magazine [CD #13] CDIT#132002.00.00
Liefste Meter, Liefste Peter, Dit Jaar Geen Brief Maar Iets Veel Beter.sCDBEL59782922002.00.00
Promo RockCDBR-2002.00.00
Playground Music Præsenterer ´Juni Sampler#1´CDDK-2002.00.00
Wu Chronicles Chapter II [#1]2xLPUS7243 5 2444612001.07.03
Wu Chronicles Chapter II [#1]CDUS7 2435 24461 2 2001.07.03
Wu Chronicles Chapter II [Promo]CDUSn/a2001.07.03
69 Plunderphonics 962xCDUSSEELAND 5152001.06.00
S.Y.D. 25CDFRBdF 032001.00.00
Rare Tracks [Bootleg]LPJP-2001.00.00
This Is Blues Power! [Bootleg] LPJP-2001.00.00
Lost Blues Power! [Bootleg]LPJP-2001.00.00
Promocional No. 23CDARG232001.00.00
Road Trip CDUK-2000.10.09
Road Trip CDUS450 262-22000.05.23
Road Trip CDGER-2000.05.23
Road Trip CDCAN0044-50262-22000.05.00
Techno Animal Remixes12"UK12JSBX42000.03.20
Techno Animal Remixes [Promo]CDUK12JSBX42000.03.13
Experimental Remixes [2000] 2xLPUKJSBX32000.03.13
Extra Width/Mo' Width 2xLPUKJSBX12000.03.13
Orange [2000]LPUKJSBX22003.03.13
Bellbottoms / Dang / Flavor / Afro [Promo] VHSUKn/a2000.03.13
Get With It! [Promo]CDUKPCDJSBX1232000.03.13
Extra Width/Mo' Width CDUKJSBX1CD2000.03.13
Orange [2000]CDUKJSBX2CD2000.03.13
Orange [2000]CDEUJSBX2CD2000.03.13
Experimental Remixes [2000]CDUKJSBX3CD2000.03.13
Extra Width/Mo' WidthCDEU5 016025 6826142000.03.00
Best of Rolling Stone Vol. 2CDCZR 3/002000.03.00
Experimental Remixes [2000]CDUS-2000.03.00
In Your Grill: A Matador Records Hip Hop...CDUSOLE-310 2 2000.02.16
Lapdance12"USITR 0662000.02.14
Advance! 2000.1 CDUKADVANCE1CD2000.01.00
Retail Vision (AlternaVision Vol. 75)VHSUSAlternaVision 752000.00.00
Virgin ReccommendsCDUK26132-12000.00.00
Stumm2000 CDUKSTUMM2000CD2000.00.00
Mute in RockdeluxCDSP-2000.00.00
Volumen 52xCDSP-1999.11.30
Introducing Vol. 10CDGER918821999.11.15
14 Irregular FilesUKCDIRREG6/7CD1999.10.25
Xtra Acme USACDUSOLE 376-21999.09.14
Xtra Acme USALPUSOLE 376-11999.09.14
Xtra Acme USA [Promo]CDUSOLE 376-2V1999.09.14
Everything Is Nice [Promo]CDUSOLE 400-2V1999.09.14
Everything Is Nice3xCDUSOLE 400-21999.09.14
Everything Is Nice2xLPUSOLE 400-11999.09.14
Everything Is NiceDVDUSOLE 400-01999.09.14
Everything Is NiceVHSUSOLE 400-?1999.09.14
Acme Plus [#1]2xLPUKSTUMM1841999.09.13
Acme Plus [#2]2xLPUKSTUMM1841999.09.13
Acme Plus [Promo]CDUKn/a1999.09.13
INT 4 84648 2
Acme Plus [Promo]CDGERINT 48464821999.09.00
Acme PlusCDUKCDSTUMM1841999.09.13
Acme PlusCDFR-1999.09.00
Acme Plus [Promo]CDFRn/a1999.09.00
Acme PlusCDSCACDSTUMM1841999.09.00
Acme PlusCDEU-1999.09.00
Acme PlusCDRUPN-7231999.09.00
Acme PlusCDSPEVERCD1031999.09.00
Unconditionally GuaranteedCDUKUNCUT UG-9 151999.09.00
Talk About The Blues12"UK12MUTE2261999.09.00
Une Rentrée 99CDFRCD LI 99 171999.09.00
Sideways Soul: Dub Narcotic Sound System...CDUKKLP1031999.09.00
Sideways Soul: Dub Narcotic Sound System... LPUSKLP1031999.09.14
Sideways Soul: Dub... [Test Pressing]LPUSKLP1031999.08.04
Sideways Soul: Dub Narcotic Sound System...CDJPRBFK-2044 / KLP 1031999.12.10
Il Mucchio SelvaggioCDIT-1999.11.00
Sideways Soul: Dub Narcotic Sound System...CDAUSAUDA 254CD1999.09.20
Sideways Soul: Dub Narcotic Sound System...CDUSKLP-103-CD1999.09.14
This CD Is Not Nice / Archive FeverCDUSOLE 409-2P DISC ONE 1999.09.03
This CD Is Not Nice [Emergency Edition] CDUSOLE 409-2P1999.09.03
If Radio Was NICE These Woulda Been...CDUSOLE 1221-2P1999.09.02
VIP KW 11/99 CDGER34/991999.08.23
Heavy [Promo]CDUK-1999.08.23
Heavy [Promo]CDUKACDMUTE2391999.08.23
Live in Spain at the Benacissim... [Bootleg] CDEU-1999.08.08
Festival SpecialCDBELRSFSCDH0011999.05.00
Rock Sound Volume 13 CDITRSCDI013 1999.05.00
Pinkpop Bonus CDCDNLA0100279605-01011995.05.00
New Year (Destroyer) 7"UKSMALL 041999.04.00
New Year (Destroyer) [White Label]7"UKSMALL 041999.04.00
VIP KW 11/99CDGER11/991999.03.15
Talk About The Blues7"UKMUTE2261999.03.08
Talk About The BluesCDUKCDMUTE2261999.03.08
Talk About The Blues [Promo]
Talk About The Blues [Promo]VHSJPn/a1998.10.00
Talk About The Blues [Promo] [#2]CDGERINT 293.4151999.03.00
Talk About The Blues [Promo] [#1]CDGERINT 293415p1999.03.00
Extra Acme [Promo]LPJPPRT-3381999.01.22
Extra AcmeCDJPTFCK-871691999.01.21
Ura AcmeLPJPTFJK-385021999.01.21
Evosonic Köln Radio BroadcastCASGERDISKONO 0061999.00.00
Capitol Presents Acceleration: 1999 Quicksilver...CDUS-1999.00.00
Indie / Trip-Hop / TechnoCDFR-1999.00.00
Labels Very Special PriceCDFRVISA 49261999.00.00
Matador Intended Play 1999CDUSOLE 378-2P1999.00.00
Emergency Call From JapanVHSJPTFVR-685391999.00.00
Essential Music VHSUS-1999.00.00
Le Printemps de Bourges 19992xCDFR3131 DOC 171999.00.00
Blues Explosion Remixes DLSLOn/a1999/2007
Acme Promo Video [Promo] VHSUSOLE-337 31998.12.02
Independent And Still Taking LibertiesCDUKINDY11998.11.07
Magical Colors [Red] 7"UKMUTE2221998.11.02
Magical Colors [Black]7"UKMUTE2221998.11.02
Magical Colors [Black] [#2]7"UKMUTE2221998.11.02
Magical ColorsCDUKCDMUTE2221998.11.02
Magical Colors [Promo] VHSUKn/a1998.11.02
Magical Colors CDGERINT 8 86192 2 / CDBONG291998.11.00
Magical Colors [Promo] CDGERINT 8 86192 21998.11.00
AcmeCDUS95566-2 / OLE-322 2 1998.10.20
Acme [Test Pressing]LPUKSTUMM1541998.10.19
Acme Promo 12"UKP12STUMM1541998.10.19
Acme Promo [Test Pressing]12"UKP12STUMM1541998.10.19
Acme [Promo] [#3]CDUSn/a1998.10.20
Acme [Promo] [#2]CDUSdpro17821998.10.20
Acme [Promo] [#1] CDUSOLE 322-2P / 95566 2 1 V1998.10.20
Acme [Promo]CASUSOLE-322 / 955661998.10.20
Acme Sampler [Promo]CDUKPCDSTUMM1541998.10.19
Acme [Plastic Case]CDAUSANDA2501999.00.00
Acme [DigiPak]CDAUSANDA2501999.00.00
Acme [#2] LPUSOLE-322-11998.10.20
Acme [#1]LPUSOLE-322-11998.10.20
Acme Promo Sampler Cassette [Promo] [Promo]CASUSOLE-325 4 P 1998.10.00
Acme [#3] [Sonopress] CDUKCDSTUMM1541998.10.19
Acme [#2] CDUKCDSTUMM1541998.10.19
Acme CDUKCDSTUMM1541998.10.19
Acme [Promo]
Ready 4 Take Off [Promo]CDGERn/a1998.10.15
Acme [Promo]CDJPRPT-8561998.10.07
Acme [Club]CDCANOLE 3221998.10.00
Acme [Club]CDUSOLE 3221998.10.00
AcmeCDBRA 6218-2 / 10535621821998.00.00
AcmeCDARG 6218-2 1998.10.00
CDPRO Vol #23 (October 1998)CDCANCDPRO Vol #23 1998.10.00
CDBENCDSTUMM154 / 391.0157.201998.10.22
Talk About The BluesCDUSOLE 327-21998.10.06
Talk About The Blues12"USOLE 327-11998.10.06
Talk About The Blues [Promo]VHSUS-1998.10.06
Upfront Player Volume 1 [Promo]CDSWEn/a1998.10.00
AcmeCDFR7243 8 46661 2 51998.10.00
Acme [Promo]CDGERINT 4 84584 21998.10.00
AcmeCDGERINT 4 84584 2 1998.10.00
“New Album” (Acme) [Promo] [#2] CDGERn/a1998.10.00
AcmeCDCAN7243 4 95566 2 11998.00.00
ADA Midline SamplerCDUSADA 200271998.08.00
Scream 2: Music From The... [Multimedia] CDUKMOVM17/6/981998.06.18
Selector Dub NarcoticCDJPRBFK-2039 / KLP 0821998.05.00
Selector Dub Narcotic [Promo]
CDUSKLP 82 CD1998.05.19
Selector Dub NarcoticCDUSKLP 82 CD1998.05.11
Selector Dub NarcoticCDUSKLP 82 CD1998.05.19
Selector Dub Narcotic2xLPUSKLP 821998.05.19
Scream 2: Music From The Dimension... CDUK821 91121998.04.27
Musikexpress 15 CDGERmusikexpress 151998.04.00
Angles of Darkness [Bootleg]CDUS-1998.00.00
Lounge Music Vol. 3CDUKVITALCD 0071998.00.00
Mute CompilationCDSINGRSDINT0191998.00.00
Sketchers & Capitol Present: Spring Sonic CD Sampler CDAUS-1998.00.00
Sketchers & Capitol Present: Spring Sonic CD Sampler CDUSDPRO 7087 6 13557 0 31998.00.00
Virgin Collection: Automone - Hiver 98VHSFR-1998.00.00
Virgin Collection: Automone - Hiver 98 2xCDFRVISA 45461998.00.00
The Green Room2xCDAUSEVER2CD981998.00.00
Taster 2 [Promo] CDUKTASTERCD0021998.00.00
Play It! Volume Four: An EMI PYNX Play Compilation CDCANDPRO-1808 1998.00.00
Live at Tramps [Bootleg] CDUS-1998.00.00
The Sound of Mute [Promo]
EMD Roadshow Sampler [Promo]CDUS-1998.00.00
Seraph: Musical Messenger CDUKn/a1998.00.00
Seraph: Musical Messenger
Scream 2: Music From The Dimension...CDJPTOCP-504351997.00.00
Scream 2: Music From The Dimension...CDUSCDP 7243 8 21911 2 41997.12.02
Scream 2: Music From The Dimension...CASBUL-1997.00.00
Scream 2: Music From The Dimension...CASUSC4 7243 8 21911 4 81997.12.02
Scream 2: Music From The Dimension Motion Picture [Promo] CASUSC4-219111997.12.02
Scream 2: Music From The... [Promo]CDUSCDPP 0421997.12.02
Controversial Negro [Plastic Case]CDJPTFCK-871261997.12.01
Controversial Negro [Card Sleeve]CDJPTFCK-871261997.12.01
Good Health, Good Fortune and Good Music...CDAUAUGOGO971997.12.00
Tibetan Freedom Concert 3xCDJPTOCP-50404~61997.12.17
What's Up Matador2xLPUSOLE-163-11997.08.26
What's Up MatadorVHSUSOLE-163-31997.08.26
What's Up Matador 2xCDUSOLE-163-21997.08.26
What's Up Matador2xCDTAI-1997.08.00
Pizza Box PromoSETUSBOX1997.06.30
Tibetan Freedom Concert3xCDAUS7243 8 59110 2 61997.11.00
Tibetan Freedom Concert3xCDUSCDP 7243 8 59110 2 61997.11.07
Tibetan Freedom Concert3xCDEU859 9110 / 7243 8 59110 2 61997.11.00
Tibetan Freedom Concert [Promo]3xCASUS-1997.11.07
Rocketship [Red]7"AUSANDA2311997.06.00
Rocketship [Black]7"AUSANDA2311997.06.00
Controversial Negro [Promo]CDUKEXPLOSION1CD1997.06.00
Live Promo Video [Promo]VHSUSOLE-263 3 1997.05.23
Rocketship DPRO [Promo] CDUSOLE-12051997.05.16
Controversial Negro [Promo]LPUSOLE-255-11997.05.07
Wail [Promo]VHSUKn/a1997.04.28
Wail [#1]7"UKMUTE2041997.04.28
Wail [#2]7"UKLMUTE2041997.04.28
Intended Play (In-Store Play CD#1)CDUSOLE-253 2 1997.03.27
Le Printemps De Bourges: Un Melange D'EtonnantCDFR-1997.04.15
Wail [Promo]VHSUS09772 / D98971997.02.12
On KROCK, NY [Promo]CASUS-1997.02.10
Capitol Records / Wail [Promo]VHSUS39948 / D944671997.01.17
Radio Promo Spots [PROMO]7"USOLE-246-7P1997.01.02
Wail [Promo]CDUS7 44861 02352 4-P1997.01.02
Wail (clean remix) [promo]CASUSn/a1997.01.02
Advance Cassette [Promo]
Chain With No Name - Sampler 5, Forthcoming Releases
Crypt: Beat Generation CDSPno. 51997.00.00
HitDisc184B CDUS184B 1997.00.00
2Kindsa Love [Pink] 7"UKMUTE2021996.10.21
2Kindsa Love [Black]7"UKMUTE2021996.10.21
2Kindsa Love [White Label]7"UKMUTE2021996.10.21
2Kindsa LoveCDUKCDMUTE2021996.10.21
2Kindsa Love [Promo]VHSUKn/a1996.10.21
2Kindsa Love [Promo]CASUK-1996.10.21
Now I Got Worry CDAUSANDA 210CD1996.10.00
Now I Got Worry [Promo]CDUSOLE 193-2P / CDP 7243 8 53553 2 51996.10.15
Now I Got Worry [#1] CDUS53553-2 / OLE 193-21996.10.15
Now I Got Worry [#2] CDUSOLE 193-21996.10.15
Now I Got WorryLPUSOLE 193-11996.10.15
Cool Vee/Fish Sauce [Promo]CDFRSA38521996.10.15
Now I Got Worry
Now I Got WorryCASUSOLE-193-4 / C4 7243 8 53553 4 91996.10.15
Now I Got Worry [Promo]CASUSOLE-1931996.10.15
Now I Got Worry CDKORRMTD-0031996.10.00
Now I Got WorryCDBRA1309135-11998.00.00
Wild Promotions Compilation Volume 3 CDUKWILD31996.10.00
CWNN Sampler 4: Forthcoming ReleasesCDUK-1996.00.00
Now I Got Worry [Promo] CDUKACDSTUMM1321996.09.30
Now I Got Worry CDGERCDSTUMM1321996.09.30
Now I Got Worry: Album Sampler [Promo]CDUKPCDSTUMM1321996.09.30
Now I Got Worry [Promo] CASGERn/a1996.09.00
Now I Got Worry [Promo] CASUKCDSTUMM1321996.09.30
Now I Got Worry CDUKCDSTUMM1321996.09.30
Now I Got Worry CDNLIRS 971.995 / CDSTUMM1321996.09.30
Now I Got Worry [#3]LPUKSTUMM1321996.09.30
Now I Got Worry [#2]LPUKSTUMM1321996.09.30
Now I Got Worry [#1]LPUKSTUMM1321996.09.30
Now I Got Worry [#1]CDJPTFCK-887951996.09.26
Now I Got Worry [#2]CDJPTFCK-887951996.09.26
Now I Got Worry [Promo]CASJPTFCK-887951996.09.26
Now I Got Worry
CD TAIMSA-1341996.00.00
Now I Got Worry [#2]CDEUCDSTUMM1321996.10.00
Now I Got Worry [#1]CDEUCDSTUMM1321996.10.00
Now I Got Worry CDCANOLE 193-2 / CDP 7243 8 53553 2 51996.00.00
2Kindsa Love [Promo] 7"USOLE-227-71996.09.13
Un Automne 96 CDFRCD LI 96 011996.09.11
Get With It7"USITR 0421996.00.00
Music Is KnowledgeCDUKVITAL CD 0051996.00.00
A Matter Of Taste...CDGERINTT 893.2121996.00.00
Vpro Session: Sept '94 [Crap Rap] [Bootleg] 10"NL0011996.00.00
Vpro Session: Sept '94 [No Label] [Bootleg]10"NL-1996.00.00
Devils Blues: Vpro Session [Bootleg]10"NLCOCK-ROCK-MUSIC #11996.00.00
Vpro Session, Sept '94 [Unknown Label] [Bootleg]10"NL-1996.00.00
Bellbottoms / Dang / Flavor / Afro [Promo]VHSUK-0000.00.00
Extra Cheese CDUKOLE 156-21995.07.27
Experimental Remixes [20 July 1995]CDUSOLE 111-21995.07.20
Life is Too Short For Boring Music: Volume VI2xCDGER-1995.00.00
Experimental Remixes [23 June 1995]CDUSOLE 111-21995.06.23
Experimental Remixes12"USOLE 111-11995.05.23
Experimental Remixes [23 May 1995]CDUSOLE 111-21995.05.23
Flavor [Promo]CDUSPRCD 62031995.05.11
Orange [#1]CDJPTFCK-887391995.04.26
Orange [#2]
Extra Width CDJPTFCK-887401995.04.26
Bellbottoms 7"UKOLE-111-71995.02.14
The Blues Man [Bootleg]CDUSEMCD281994.01.04
Modern Rock (January 1995)VHSUSn/a1995.01.00
That's The Sweat [Bootleg]CDUS3D-JS-0451995.00.00
Bellbottoms [Promo]CDUSPRCD 60271994.12.08
Orange [Clear]CASUSOLE 105-41994.10.11
OrangeCASUSOLE 105-41994.10.11
Orange [#1]CDUSOLE 105-21994.10.11
Orange [#2]CDUSOLE 105-21994.10.11
Orange CDCANOLE 105-21994.10.00
Orange [Silver]LPUSOLE 105-11994.10.11
Orange [Black] [#1]LPUSOLE-105-11994.10.11
Orange [Black] [#2]LPUSOLE-105-11994.10.11
Orange [Second Edition]LPGERcrypt-046 / efa lp 115841994.10.00
Orange [Second Edition] CDGERcrypt-046 / efa cd 115841994.10.00
OrangeLPGERcrypt-046 / efa lp 115841994.10.00
Orange [Test Pressing]LPGERcrypt-046 / efa lp 115841994.00.00
Orange [Rejected Test Pressing]LPGERcrypt-046 / efa lp 115841994.00.00
OrangeCDGERcrypt-046 / efa cd 115841994.00.00
Orange [Promo]CASUKOLE 105-4P1994.10.00
OrangeCDUKOLE 105-21994.10.00
Orange [Unmastered] [#2] [Promo]CASUSOLE 105-41994.10.11
Orange [Unmastered] [Promo]CASUSOLE 105-41994.10.11
Orange [Promo]CASGERn/a1994.09.01
Dang [Promo]VIDUS-1994.00.00
Mo' Width [Black Text]CDAUSANDA 166CD1994.07.14
Mo’ Width [Silver Disc] CDAUSANDA 166CD1994.07.14
Mo' Width [#2]CDAUSANDA 166CD1994.07.14
Mo' Width [#1]CDAUSANDA 166CD1994.07.14
Mo' Width [Banded]LPAUSANDA 166LP1994.07.14
Mo’ Width [Unbanded]
LPAUSANDA 166LP1994.07.14
Extra WidthCDAUSANDA175CD1994.03.00
Cheapo Crypt SamplerCDGERCR-CD-1443 / EFA CD 11567-451994.03.00
Train #3 [Test Pressing]7"USITR 0191994.01.00
Train #37"USITR 0191994.01.00
Don't Cramp My Style [Bootleg]CDUSjsbx1211021994.00.00
LIVE!! 11-23-93 [Red] [#2] [Bootleg]LPUS105791994.00.00
LIVE!! 11.23.1993 [Red] [Bootleg]LPUS105791994.00.00
LIVE!! 11-23-93 [Yellow] [#2] [Bootleg]LPUS105791994.00.00
LIVE!! 11.23.1993 [Yellow] [Bootleg]LPUS105791994.00.00
LIVE!! 11.23.1993 [Black] [Bootleg]LPUS105791994.00.00
LIVE!! 11.23.1993 [Black #2] [Bootleg]LPUS105791994.00.00
Hot Dang Mr. Charlie! [Bootleg]CASUSn/a1994.00.00
Matador Video Sampler '94 [Promo]VHSUS-1994.00.00
Hi-Fi Hits [Promo]CASAUSDEX 142541994.00.00
The Lost WeekendLPUKBFFP931993.09.10
Afro [Test Pressing]7"UKOLE 077-7 1994.02.07
Afro 7"UKOLE 077-71994.02.07
Extra Width LPGERcrypt lp-033 / efa lp-11541-01993.05.28
Extra Width [Test Pressing]LPGERcrypt lp-033 / efa lp-11541-01993.05.28
Extra WidthCDGERcrpyt-033 / efa cd-11541-261993.05.28
Remember... Life Is Too....CDGEREFACD19931993.06.00
Extra Width [#2]CDUSOLE 052-21993.05.24
Extra Width [#1]
CDUSOLE 052-21993.05.24
Extra WidthLPUSOLE 052-11993.05.24
Extra Width CASUSOLE 052-41993.05.24
Extra Width [Promo]CASUSOLE 0521993.05.24
Extra Width [Test Pressing]LPUSOLE 052-11993.05.10
Lion Tamer's Revenge [Bootleg]LPUS667361993.01.01
Rachel [Promo]VIDUK-1992.11.06
MTV 120 Minutes: Left of the DialCDUSH7W7070CD1992.09.00
"The Sound of The Future is Here Today!" / History of Sex7"UKXPIG-131992.05.00
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion LPUKHut LP31992.04.27
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [#2]CDUKCDHUT 31992.04.27
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion CDUKCDHUT 31992.04.27
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [#2] (1994)CDUSCAROL CD 17191994.00.00
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion CDUSCAROL CD 17191992.04.17
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [White Print]CASUSCAROL 1719-41992.04.17
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Red Print] CASUSCAROL 1719-41992.04.17
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Promo] [#2]CASUSCAROL 1719-41992.04.17
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Promo]CASUSCAROL 17191992.04.17
Crypt Style [Matador #3b] (LP, US)LPUSCRYPT LP-0291996.00.00
Crypt Style [Matador #3a] (LP, US)LPUSCRYPT LP-0291996.00.00
Crypt Style [Matador #2] (LP, US)LPUSCRYPT LP-0291996.00.00
Crypt Style [Matador #2] [Test Pressing]LPUSCRYPT LP-0291996.06.04
Crypt Style [Matador #1] (LP, US)LPUSCRYPT LP-0291995.00.00
Crypt Style [Matador #1] [Test Pressing]LPUSCRYPT LP-0291995.02.09
Crypt Style [Crypt #3] (LP, US)LPGERCRYPT LP-0291995.00.00
Crypt-Style [Crypt #3] [Test Pressing]LPGERCRYPT LP-0291995.00.00
Crypt Style [Crypt #2] (LP, US)LPGERCRYPT LP-0291992.04.00
Crypt Style [Crypt #1] (LP, US)LPGERCRYPT LP-0291992.04.00
Crypt StyleCDGERCRYPT CD-0291993.11.20
Crypt Style [Rainbo]CDUSCRYPT CD-0290000.00.00
Crypt StyleCDJP1 + 2 CD 0241992.00.00
Son of Sam 7"USITR 0111992.00.00
Shirt Jac [#1]7"USITR 0071992.00.00
A Reverse Willie HortonLPUSPORK 011991/1992