Kim Gordon – Melody Maker: Talks About The Records That Changed Her Life (PRESS, UK)

Melody Maker
Melody Maker article in which Kim Gordon chooses twelve records that changed her life including Groovy Hate Fuck by Pussy Galore.

Chad & Jeremy: “The Best Of”
Billie Holiday “The Golden Years”
The Velvet Underground: “The Velvet Underground & Nico”
Archie Shepp: “Black Gypsy”
Buffalo Springfield: “Buffalo Springfield”
Germs: “G.I.”
Suicide: “Suicide”
D.N.A: “A Taste of D.N.A.”
The Slits: “Cut”
Dinosaur Jr: “You’re Living All Over Me”
Black Flag: “Damaged”
Pussy Galore: “Groovy Hate Fuck”

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